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Beach Towel Prank - Public Prank
When your victim leaves his or her towel, quickly dig a hole in the sand and place the towel over the hole. When your victim returns, he or she will 'fall' for your prank while you sit there and laugh.
Frozen Block Of Clothes - Dorm Room Pranks
take a bundle of your victim's cothing and place it in a bucket of water. Then put that bucket of water and clothes in the freezer. In a few hours take out the block of clothes ice and give it to him or her
McDonald's Application Prank - Office Prank
Fill out an application from a fast food place like McDonald's and put your co-workers name and contact info on the form.Then just wait til his cell phone rings and McDonald's calls him to setup an interview.
Shoe Stamping - Public Prank
Walk directly behind your victim and intentionally step on the back on his shoe while he or she walks in front of you. Most people will be a little irritated and think its just an accident the first time you do it, but as you continue walking and doing it, it pisses them off.
Job Interview During Lunch - Office Prank
While interviewing a job applicant, tell him that you are starving and haven't eating lunch yet. Then proceed to interview him as you chomp on a juicy double cheeseburger and suck down a thick choco shake.
Door Jam Prank - Door Prank
While your victim is in his room with the door shut. Jam a chair under the outside knob using the back of the chair. This will lock him inside his room until someone else lets him out.
Stand Up - Office Prank
Remove all the chairs from the meeting room and tell everyone you are trying something new and will be conducting the meeting with everyone standing. Then try your best to drag the meeting on and on for as long as possible.
Calculator Fun - Office Prank
Place some clear tape over the calculator to make the numbers very fuzzy.
Pass Out Your Victim's Phone Number
Write your victim's phone number on all your dollar bills before you spend them.
iPhone AutoCorrect Prank
On an Apple iPhone (as well as some other mobile devices), you can change the words the autocorrect suggests to the user. On an iPhone go to General > Keyboard > Shortcuts to do this. You can also play the same prank on a PC in the victim's word processor (like Microsoft Word). Change the autocorrect defaults so for example "the" gets changed to "teh".
Restroom Dollar Bill Gag - Bathroom Prank
Before urinating in a public restroom urinal, clog the drain. Then pee, after you have filled the urinal with piss drop a crumpled up dollar bill in there. Make sure it gets soaked with urine. Then hangout in the restroom and see which poor sicko tries to take it out and clean it off.
Hot Sauce In Ketchup - Food Prank
This prank is easy to do. Just open your victim's fridge. Take the hot sauce and pour some into the ketchup bottle. Then the next time he uses the ketchup he os she will get a spicy surprise!
Pupupu - Food Prank
Give your name as Pupupu to a maitre-de. When he calls you to your table you will hear, "Pu-pu-pu Party of four...".
Security Tag Prank - Public Prank
Some stores have plastic rectangular security tags on items. These are very easy to just tear off. For this prank, all you have to do is peel one off and place it on the bottom of a shopping cart or basket case. Whoever uses it next will sound the alarm when leaving.
Moth Surprise - Public Prank
Place a few moths in the tanning salon bedroom. When the next person goes in there to use the bed, it will light up and attract all of the moths.
Salt Cookies - Office Prank
Bake a few batches of sugar cookies to take to the office every now and then so they all get used to your wonderful delicious cookies. Then one day just replace the sugar ingredient with salt. If anyone asks, tell them you are trying to cut down on the sugar intake and make them healthier.
Matress Flip - Sleeping Prank
This is a great way to anger your roomie, flip their matress and remake the bed, so that when they are really tired and just want to sleep , they will have to flip their matress back over and make their bed again!
Wrong Restroom Room - School Prank
Throw your victim's personal belongings into the restroom of the other sex, this forces him or her to go in to retrieve it. When your victim enters the restroom you scream and let the teacher know.
Push? Pull? aaarrgh!! - Public Prank
Switch the stickers on store front doors, so instead of saying 'Push' it says 'Pull' and vise versa.
Sleepy Makeover - Sleeping Prank
While your victim is asleep, give him or her an extreme makeover. Use as much makeup and hairspray as you can. Make sure you are quiet though, so you don't wake him or her up. When your victim awakes, they will freak out after looking in mirror.

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