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Paste Cream Cookies - School Prank
Replace the middle cream part of Oreo cookies with paste. Then offer the cookies to your classmates.
Ridged Coin Trick - School Prank
With a pencil, heavily mark the sides of any ridged coins such as a dime or quarter. Then ask a classmate if he or she can place it on their forehead and roll it down to their nose. Tell em if they can, they can keep the coin. After they give it a try, it will leave a black pencil mark on their face.
FBI Answering Machine Prank - Office Prank
Change someone's answering machine so it says, "This is the FBI. All calls being made to this phone number are being traced and logged." Don't tell him, find out how long it takes him to realize it.
Eraser Burn - School Prank
Use an eraser on your classmate. Just rub his skin with the eraser as hard as possible. This will cause a burning sensation, which hurts even though most eraser burns are not deep enough to cause bleeding.
Spicy Hot Cookies - Food Prank
Add one more ingredient the next time you bake cookies. Be sure to add some crushed red peppers or blended jalapenos.
Staplers - Office Prank
Tell everyone about your fear of staplers. Then, start acting weird whenever one is present.
M&M Coke Prank - Food Prank
Right after your victim has just opened a bottle of coke, drop some M&M's inside his beverage when he isn't paying attention. This will cause his drink to keep on foaming.
Push or Pull - Public Prank
Print out some signs that read, "Push" and "Pull" and tape them to doors at your local stores. Make sure to place them on the wrong side. Then sit back and watch as people push when they are instructed to pull and vise versa
Crickets In Backpacks - School Prank
Buy some crickets at your local pet store. Then when your fellow students aren't paying attention, drop some in their backpacks.
Bathroom Pudding - Bathroom Prank
Smear chocolate pudding all over a bathroom. Works best in public bathroom, as people will most likely not clean it up. They will just try to avoid it but at the same time think its poo.
Bathroom Out Of Order - School Prank
During class, asked to be excused to use the restroom then close the bathroom door and put a printed out of order sign on the door. Then return to class.
Pee Prank - School Prank
Next time you use the school restroom and your friends are waiting outside. Wash your hands but don't dry them. Leave them wet. Then wipe your hand all over your victim and tell them, "Don't you just hate it when you pee on your hand!" It is guaranteed to gross them out!
Orajel And Toothpaste Prank - Bathroom Prank
Empty out an entire tube of toothpaste and replace it with Orajel. Orajel is the cream used to numb canker sores. When your victim brushes their teeth in the morning with Orajel, he or she will have a numb mouth for at least 15 or 20 minutes.
Hourglass Pointer - Computer Prank
Go to pointer settings and make the default one an hourglass. It will then always look like the computer is busy thinking.
Winter Time Prank - Door Prank
place extremely large snowballs in front of the doors.
Fun With Gummy Worms - Food Prank
Drop a few gummy worms inside your victim's lunchbox.
Vinegar In Your Water - Food Prank
When you victim leaves the room for a moment and forgets to take his bottled water with him. Pour a couple ounces of white vinegar inside. Then check out his reaction when he returns and takes a swig.
Ypto Ypto...errr!!! TYPO! - Office Prank
Be carefull with this one, as to not ruin the keyboard. All you have to do is simply and very carefully remove a few keys and switch them around. If your victim is one of those "look up and down" typers. He or she will be very confused while trying to get work done.
Elevator Door Jam Prank
Tape a small piece of cardboard near the top of the elevator entrance door so it doesn't close.
Screen Capture - Office Prank
Take a screen capture of someone's screen. It would work best if they have a program open. Then save the screen capture as an image and use that as their desktop background picture. It will confuse the heck out of them when they see their desktop icons over their microsoft word.

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