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Bad Water - Food Prank
Put some nail biter polish on the rim of cups and glass. Nail biter polish is designed to leave you with a very bitter taste. So everyone that drinks from those cups will think something is wrong with the water (or their beverage).
Where is the showerhead? - Bathroom Prank
Go in your victim's bathroom and remove the showerhead from the shower.
Unable To Cut The Cake - Food Prank
Decorate a round car washing sponge with icing, whip cream and sprinkles so it looks like a cake. Leave it out so your victim can help himself to a slice. Then just sit back and enjoy watching him struggle while trying to cut the cake.
Pen Names - Office Prank
Name all of your pens and tell your co-workers that meetings cannot begin until all of your pens are present.
At The Movies - Public Prank
Sit in the back and throw candy at the people sitting in the first row.
Pen Swap - Office Prank
Take all of your co-worker's pens and replace them with your pens that you glued caps on to the night before. They will not be able to take the caps off to use the pens.
Company Xmas Party - Office Prank
Volunter yourself to organize the company xmas party. Then choose to have the party at McDonald's Playland. Feel free to charge everyone $15.
Rude Awakening - Sleeping Prank
Adjust the settings on an alarm clock after your victim falls asleep. Change the alarm to play heavy metal music really loud when it goes off. Then tape the off button and sound control.
Another 3D Movie Prank - Public Prank
Take a group of friends with you. Everyone has to wear their 3D glasses during a movie that isn't 3D. The more people you can get in on the prank with you the better. If someone sees 20+ people with 3D glasses they are gonna wonder where to get the glasses sos he can watch it in 3D.
Under The Stall Tug - Bathroom Prank
Wait until your victim goes into a public restroom stall. As soon as he sits on toilet and starts his business, go underneath the stall and start tugging on his pants. If you can try to take his shoes off.
Change Of Scenary - Sleeping Prank
While your victim is sleeping re-arrange the room. When he wakes up he will wonder what happened.
Where To Leave Toothpaste - Bathroom Prank
Leave toothpast on the underside of light switches and doorknobs.
iPod Interview - Office Prank
Listen to your iPod while interviewing a job applicant. Tell him or her that everything is ok, you can actually listen and interview at the same time.
Automatic Locking Doors - Door Prank
Some doors that automatically lock whenever they are closed can have the hole that the padlock bar goes into clogged. Just stuff it the next time the door is open. Then when your victim leaves and closes the door. It won't 'auto' lock, instead it will be open for anyone to go in and out as they please.
W2 Form Prank - Office Prank
Create a fake W2 form where it shows you make a butt-load of money working for your company. Then run off a few copies of your W2 in your company copy room near tax day. Be sure to intentionally leave a few copies behind for other co-workers to find. It will piss off someone with the same title as you, who has worked there longer than you when they see you made $110K last yr when they only made $60k.
Problem With Chair Wheels - Office Prank
Use some black tape to tape up the bottom wheels of your victim's desk chair. This will make it difficult to move the chair. Most people will never take the time to look and fix the problem and will just leave it at a nuisance.
End The Phone Call
If you are on the phone and talking to someone who is just wasting your valuable time, then just hang up mid sentence. The victim will never know if it was you pressing 'disconnect' or just a bad connection.
Under The Door Pranks - Dorm Room Prank
Fill an accordian folder with shaving cream, insert under someone's door and stomp on it which will send large amounts of shaving cream into their room withought ever opening the door. Also can be done with a fine powder (Talcum powder works nicely) in a bag with a hole in the bottom. Slip the open end under the door, stick a hair dryer in the hole and the room gets a nice sugar coating.
Employee Of The Month - Public Prank
Go to any store that has an employee of the month wall of fame and put a picture of a monkey or some other creature or animal over the current employee of the month self portrait.
Fly In My Salad - Food Prank
Purchase some fake fly's at the local prank shop and place a couple in your victim's salad when they aren't looking.

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