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Baby Ruth In Public Pools - Public Prank
Throw a couple of Baby Ruth candy bars in public swimming pools. People will be disgusted and think someone pooped.
Restroom Prank - School Prank
Place fudge cookies, baby ruth candy bars, or any other food items that look like poo on the toilet seat. You can also drop a few pieces inside the toilet or on the floor.
Burger King or McDonalds Prank - Phone Prank
Call any local Burger King or McDonalds and start placing an order over the phone. Make sure and tell them its for 'here' and not 'to go'
Broken Fountain - School Prank
Whenever you discover a drinking fountain that no longer works, stand in line with a couple of your buddies and pretend to drink. Eventually someone will come behind you guys and want a drink. It won't work and he or she will wonder what happened.
Caramel Candy Onions - Food Prank
Make some tasty caramel candy apples for someone. But substitute the apples with onions.
Whoopie Cushion / Pull My Finger - School Prank
Put a whoopie cushion on your teacher's seat. When he or she goes to sit, do not allow them to see their seat before sitting. Before they get to this point, go up to them and tell them to pull your finger. Most teachers will say haha, i'm not falling for that...back to your seat!! As you walk back, you will hear a farting sound from the whoopie cushion.
McOrdering At McDonalds McDrive-thrus - Public Prank
While ordering your food at a McDonalds drive thru, order everything with 'Mc' in front of it..."Can i get a large McMilkshake, with a Medium McCoke, and some McFires" etc
Baby Powder In Blow Dryer - Bathroom Prank
Place a handful of baby powder inside the victim's blow dryer. Then sit back and wait for him or her to turn it on!
Problem With The Trumpet - School Prank
In band class, tape the spit valve open on the trumpet. Your victim will wonder what is wrong with the horn.
Cafeteria Glass To Table Prank - School Prank
Glue glasses in a cafeteria to the bottom of a table.
Walmart Dressing Room Prank - Public Prank
Go into a Wal-Mart dressing room, and then loudly start saying, "Hey, there is no toilet paper in here!" You have to have someone on the outside with a video recorder to catch the priceless looks on their faces
Watergun In The Bathroom - Bathroom Prank
Randomly walk up to people using the urinals at a public restroom and squirt them with a water gun. They will not be able to do anything about it until they are done pissing. This give you plenty of time to escape and run like a mad man.
New Employee Prank - Office Prank
Send a new employee for various mythical items such as: Double sided transperencies, Dehydrated Water, Bucket of compressed air, A one molar solution of water, A stanchion remover, A bucket of steam, A phallopian tube, A long weight (long wait), A short weight, Short circuits, Lightning bolts, Skyhooks, A mattababe (as in what's a mattababe), A piston return spring, A left handed wrench, hammer, razor..., Agent Orange (paint color), Sparkplugs for a desiel engine, A short/long stand, A chain stretcher, Hydraulic cement bender, and Snowtires for the shopping carts.
Caution! Very Heavy - Dorm Room Pranks
While moving either in or out of your dorm room, tape an empty box up and write 'HEAVY' on it. You can also write something like '200 lbs' to try and convince your victim its heavy as well. Well, then carry it across the room and act as if it weighs a ton. Then ask your roommate to give you a hand. Struggle a bit to hand it over, ask him repeatidly if he has it, if its ok, etc...then just drop it in his hands. He will more than likely try to over compensate, thinking it really was heavy.
Big Hand Disease - School Prank
Tell your victim that if his hand is bigger than his face then he has a rare disease. Then after he puts his hand up to his face, push his hand into his own face so he slaps himself.
20 cups on the desk - Office Prank
Fill about 20 or more paper cups up with water, place them next to each other on your victims desk. Then staple them all together, stand back and watch as he/she arrives at work and is clueeless about how to go about removing the cups off the desk.
Butter Experiment - Food Prank
What you do is this " say I did an experiment and look if you put salt on butter the butter heats up, here put your hand over it. Then when the person puts their hand close enough, push their hand in the butter!"
Sleeping bag prank - Sleeping Prank
While camping with a deep sleeper, get a buddy to help you put him in the same sleeping bag as someone else. Then zip them up. When they wake up, they will both wonder what happened.
Bangkok!!! - Dorm Room Pranks
Ask your roommate if he knows what the capitol of Thailand is. If he doesn't know, tell him its, "Bangkok!" while smacking him in the mid-section!
Food Coloring In Hand Soap Dispenser - Bathroom Prank
Put some food coloring inside the hand soap dispenser. When your victim tries to wash his hands, they will end up worse than before he decided to wash them.

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