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Vasoline Phone Prank
Apply some vasoline to any phone receiver. Your victim will have a sticky ear after answering the next call.
Mystery Cans - Food Prank
Take all the labels off of all the cans in your victim's pantry. Dinner will be a mystery every nite. Its gonna suck for your victim when he wants a can of soup but instead opens the yams.
Pin Hole In Soda Can - Food Prank
While your victim is looking away puncture a tiny hole with a pin on the side of his or her beverage can. Everytime your victim tries to take a drink, it will dribble down his chest.
Urinate Forever - Bathroom Prank
Impress a buddy who is in a room next to the bathroom. Excuse yourself to go to the bathroom, but along the way get a large bucket with water and take it in with you. Then slowly pour it in the toilet. It will take forever to finish pouring it all in. Your buddy in the room next door will say, "WOW" as he will think you are taking a very very long pee.
.com Prank - Computer Prank
Purchase your victim's .com domain name. Example: LarryWestminster.com then post embarrassing stuff about him on the website and send him the link.
Speak Up! - Office Prank
Tell the new employee that a certain someone else is hard of hearing so he better speak up everytime he talks to him. Tell that certain other person the same exact thing about the new employee. Then watch as communicate with each other in high volume every time.
Pink Nail Polish - Dorm Room Pranks
While your male roommate is asleep put some pink nail polish on his finger nails.
Saran Wrap Car Doors - School Prank
Go to the student parking lot during class and saran wrap cars so the doors cannot open.
Mouse Swap - School Prank
While in the computer lab, ask the student next to you if you can borrow a pen. While he is digging for one in his backpack, quickly switch his mouse with your mouse. So when you gets back to his computer and tries to use his mouse...you will have total control over his computer.
The Frozen Desktop - Computer Prank
Close all the open windows and take a screenshot of the desktop. Next, change the wallpaper to this saved image. If you know how, also hide all of their icons. The computer will then seem like it is frozen.
Party Mix - Office Prank
At the next pot luck luncheon. You bring the Chex Party Mix. But get creative, mix in some Pup-eroni dog food snack. Just break them into little pieces and throw them in the same bowl...stir it up and nobody will tell the difference
Toilet Popper Prank - Bathroom Prank
Buy some popper snaps, they are those legal firecracker like things that when you throw them on the ground, they make a snapping noise. Then place them on the floor under the toilet. Place them close to the side of the toilet bowl so nobody can see them. Then when they sit down to take a crap, they will be frightened by all the popping sounds.
IN - Office Prank
Put the trash bin on your desk and label it with "IN".
Misplaced - Office Prank
This prank is for Mr. Neato at the office who keeps everything nice n neat and in the same place everytime. When he or she isn't paying attention, move things around on their desk.
This One Time...In Band Camp... - Sleeping Prank
If you have an instrument then this prank is perfect for you. If you are in a band and have someone else who can help you out, that would be even better! All you have to do is start practicing in the middle of the night while your victim is trying to sleep. The closer to his ears you can play, the better!
Baby On Board - Public Prank
put a lifelike looking baby doll in a real car seat. Then leave it on the roof of your car on purpose and drive away. Its pure comedy when you try not to look around at everyone's reactions. People will scream and tell you STOP! STOP!
Ready For The Test? - School Prank
As soon as your victim walks into class, ask him if he is ready for the test today. If there is no test scheduled, your victim will panic. If he needs to confirm the test is today with someone else in class, usually a simple wink at whoever he asks will get the other student to play along with you.
Wake Up, You're Late! - Sleeping Prank
Reset all the clocks in your house ahead two hours while your victim is sleeping. When he or she wakes up they will think they over slept and are two hours late for work or school.
Open Public Urinal Prank - Bathroom Prank
some public restroom's have open urinals that do not have divider walls installed. As soon as you see someone starting their piss session, walk over to him, point at his midsection and start laughing. This will piss him off for sure! But he cannot do anything until he is done pissing. This give you plenty of time to run the heck out of there.
Would You Like Fries With That? - Food Prank
After ordering your meal at the drive thru, they usually ask if you would like fries with that. Repeat the exact same phrase right after they say that. Say it as much as possible. See how many times it takes before you totally annoy them.

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