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Whisper Prank - School Prank
Between classes, after you talk to someone in the hallway let him or her walk away. Then after they walked a good distance in the opposite direction call him back and whisper in his ears, "How far would you have gotten if I didn't call you back"
Wake Up Smell - Sleeping Prank
While your victim is asleep, wake him up by farting in his face. First try the silent but violent fart. If that doesn't work then just let it rip! either way he is guaranteed to wake up.
Will You Marry Me - Office Prank
During a job interview, ask the interviewer: "I know this is off the subject, but will you marry me?"
Public Channel Surfing - Public Prank
Purchase a "universal TV remote" from a place like Radio Shack. When walking by public TVs, such as those in a dorm lounge, change the channel without giving anyone any idea you are doing it.
Ranch Dressing Swap - Food Prank
Next time you are eating at a buffett that has both ranch and blue cheese dressing just swap their signs around. Both dressings look very similar. Most people won't know til they get back to their seat and taste the difference.
Face Full Of Flour - Food Prank
Stand behind a corner with an open bag of flour and wait for your victim to come walking around, when he does...throw the flour in his face!
Upside Down Porta Potty - Public Prank
Hang a porta potty from a street light or anywhere else in public where everyone passing by can see it.
Wet Toilet Paper - Sleeping Prank
Bury someone several feet deep in wet unrolled toilet paper.
Shoe Lace Snipping - School Prank
Snipe your victim's shoe lace with scissors when he isn't paying attention by sneaking undeneath a table or around a chair.
Pencil Launching - School Prank
Place your pencil along the edge of your desk so half is over the edge and the other half is on your desk. Then quickly chop at the half over the edge with your hand. Your pencil will launch in the air and fly clear across the room landing in unexpected places such as other students desks, students head, or in the class aquarium.
Slippery Floor - School Prank
Before the bell rings, spray WD40 or any lubricant all over the hallway floor. When students come out of their classes, they will slip and slide and some will fall and get their clothes all messy.
Unable To Open Desk Drawer - Office Prank
Go underneath and behind desk drawer to tape it up so it cannot open all the way. This will frustrate your victim who needs to go in the drawer just to grab a pen or a notebook.
Exploding Pen - School Prank
Go to any Joke Store and buy some exploding pens (the kind that pop when you open them.) Then when your teacher isn't paying attention, replace her pens with the gag pens.
No More Ink - Office Prank
Remove the ink from inside the pens and put them all back in the box.
Pick Up The Change - School Prank
Super glue some quarters to the ground on your lunch break. Then sit back and watch as students passing by attempt to pick them up.
Glue The Reciever Down - Phone Prank
Glue the victim's reciever down, and then start making lots of calls to the victim.
Soaked Towel Prank - School Prank
After gym class or basketball practice, while your teammate is showering in the cubicle next door, get your towel completely soaked. Then swap it with his while he is shampooing his hair. 9 times out of 10 they will hang the towel over the top of the cubicle. This makes the prank way too easy.
Public Fountain Bubbles Prank - Public Prank
Empty a bottle of liquid soap in any public fountain. In a few minutes there will be bubble everywhere. Just be sure there are no living creatures inside, such as Koi fish, or else you will kill them and they are very expensive to replace.
Sticky Tape In Your Ear - Phone Prank
Use either double sided clear sticky tape or just roll up regular clear tape. Place it on the ear part of the phone headset. Whoever answers the phone next won't even notice it and will have clear tape stuck to their ear.
Pin Holes in Cup - Food Prank
Use a tiny pin to make little pin holes in a plastic or styrofoam cup. Then offer the cup with a drink in it to your unaware victim. They will have dribbles of the liquid all over their shirt while drinking the beverage.

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