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Gatorade Gone Bad - School Prank
While your school's basketball or football team is practicing, empty out their gatorade bucket and replace it with water, mixed with salt and food coloring that looks like the gatorade color you just dumped out.
Saran Wrap Glasses - School Prank
When you victim just leaves their glasses laying around on a desk, quickly snag them. Then wrap it in saran wrap and put it back on the desk. Your victim will be in for a foggy surprise when they go to read.
Classic - Ex-Lax Brownie Prank - Food Prank
Bake brownies or cookies and substitute Ex-Lax for part of the chocolate. Use some chocolate to keep the taste right.
Relaxing Break - Office Prank
Take a break by snorkeling in the company fish tank.
Paper On The Seat Prank - School Prank
Place a piece of paper on your victim's seat. Try and find paper the same color as the seat so he or she will not notice. Then add a small amount of glue to the top of the paper. Your victim will sit on it and walk around with paper on his rear all day.
Penny Jam - Door Prank
Jam so many pennies between the door and the door frame that the person cannot turn the doorknob to get out. Even better if the pennies are superglued in place to prevent removal. Also you may wish to put vaseline on the inside doorknob to prevent them from being able to turn the knob.
Beer Shower Wave - Public Prank
Next time your are at a baseball game and your team is the visiting team. Do this prank when you see 'the wave' about to hit your section. When everybody gets up and does that arm lift up wave thing, you do the same thing...only you throw your beer in the air. Since everyone is cheering, making noise, quickly going up and down and not paying much attention...nobody will know it was you.
Photo on The Elevator - Door Prank
Tape a picture that is socially unacceptable to the inside of an elevator. Use alot of clear tape and make it very difficult to remove. Most people that would be offended by it will try to remove it, find it difficult and just move on since elevator doors open and close quickly and you must leave or else it will go back down or up. Feel free to ride it up and down a few times yourself to see what peoples reactions are.
Dry Ice In The Bathroom - Bathroom Prank
Place dry ice in the urinals and toilets. It will cause a very spooky looking scene.
Salty Beverage - Food Prank
When your victim isn't paying attention, pour some salt from the salt shaker inside his drink.
Braille Menu - Food Prank
Go thru a drive thru wearing some dark sunglasses. Ask the person at the window for a braille menu. When they give it to you, feel it, order your meal and drift to one side as you drive away.
Piss All Over The Place - Bathroom Prank
Use yellow food coloring to color some water. Make it look like urine. Then pour it all over the bathroom floor, sink, and toilet.
Sofa In The Pool - Sleeping Prank
Find an old sofa either at the dump or sometimes people put their old sofas out by the curb for a trash collector to take away. Just take it before the trash guy does. Then while you friend is asleep at night get a friend to help you toss the sofa over the fence into his yard and into the pool. Try aiming for the deep end. He will wake up and not have a clue on how to get the sofa out of the pool. On top of that the sofa will be twice as heavy because its completely wet.
Lump Of Clay - Bathroom Prank
Use a lump of clay or Play-Do will work as well. Form the shape of poo out of it. Then sit it on any toilet seat.
The Keyboard/Mouse Fake - Computer Prank
Unplug your victim's keyboard or mouse and instead plug in one that you control. This is especially easy to if they are not using a wireless mouse or keyboard, because you can then put your own USB adaptor on their computer without having to unplug their existing mouse/keyboard.
Gush Of Toilet Water - Bathroom Prank
Go into the school bathroom and remove the top toilet lid. Look for a rubber thin pipe on the side, and disconnect that pipe. You will see a little hair barrette like thing connecting the rubber pipe to the plastic pipe. The next person that flushes the toilet will get a gush shooting upwards.
Bumper Sticker Prank - Office Prank
Make your own bumper sticker with tape and paper and put it on your co-workers car. Get creative with the message.
The Car Crash Prank - School Prank
Walk up to your victim and with one hand moving across his face tell him that a car is going this way. Then, move the other hand the other way and tell him another car is going that way...then close your arms and slap his face. Then tell him, "Ooh! They crashed!"
Rob The House - Dorm Room Pranks
Wake up before everyone else and hide all the valuable stuff in the house. When everyone wakes up, they will think the house was robbed. Be sure to hide all the phones as well, you don't want them to call the police before you get to explain the joke.
Shoplifter! - Public Prank
If you have access to those plastic shoplifting strips, then hide one in the lining of your victim's favorite jacket. The next time he leaves his favorite store the alarm will go off and management will accuse him of shoplifting!

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