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Ketchup, mustard, and mayo prank - Bathroom Prank
Fold a few condiment packets in half and tape them between the toilet bowl edge and seat lid. Make sure to place them near the back. When your victim sits down to do his business, he or she will get a ketchup, mustard, mayo explosion to his rear.
Refrigerator Bandit - Office Prank
What could be more frustrating than a co-worker who steals your food from the fridge? Nothing! So its time for some payback. All you have to do is leave a note either on the fridge or inside. It should read something like: Stop Stealing my Food!! But if you must continue i will put a special treat in my lunch everyday, just for you! Hopefully you will enjoy it. This will cause your victim to panic and never steal again. He may think you are tampering with your own food and will avoid eating it.
Garage Sale Prank - Public Prank
Print up a bunch of huge garage sale or yard sale signs and post them up the night before around your neighborhood. Don't give an address, just use arrows. Send the cars in a maze throughout the neighborhood looking for a yard sale that doesn't exist.
A Fight Is About To Breakout - School Prank
During lunchtime at school, gather up a large group of trouble makers. Then walk around campus with pissed off looks and pumping fists. Make it look like you are about to go to war and start a huge fight. Be sure to walk past your campus security and vise principal or whoever else is monitoring the campus during lunchtime. Not only will you get other students following you guys wondering where the fight is gonna take place, but the school staff will follow and monitor the situation as well.
Very Fresh KFC Chicken - Food Prank
Put a live chicken inside an empty KFC bucket. Then take that bucket to your next pot luck luncheon or get together dinner. Watch your victim's surprise as they open the bucket to a live chicken.
Key Swapping - Computer Prank
Pop the caps off some of the keys on the keyboard and switch them around to confuse the user next time they type.
Frozen Bra - Dorm Room Pranks
While your female roomie is asleep, take her bra, wet it and put it in the freezer. Then before she wakes up put it back. Now all you have to do is sit back and wait til she puts it on in the morning.
Spotless - Dorm Room Pranks
If you know someone who has a very messy dorm, this is a great prank. While he or she is away sneak into the dorm and clean it. Make it spotless. In cases of extremely messy rooms you may need a couple of friends to help you out.
Lights Out - Bathroom Prank
After someone has gone into a public restroom and sat down on the toilet in a stall, turn off all the lights and walk out of there.
Bothered At Home - Phone Prank
When a telemarketer calls you act interested in the product they are selling. But ask them for their home phone number so you can call them back. If they give you their 1 800 number, refuse and say you want his or her home phone number to discuss the finalizing of the sale. If they refuse again (which they will) then yell at them and say, "Oh so you don't like being bothered at home!! huh?"
Revenge On Your Ex Girlfriend - School Prank
Call your ex girlfriend's mother and pretend to be her new boyfriend. Then tell her mom that you are very sorry about getting her pregnant and hopefully she has already told you. Try to sound as real as possible.
Terrible Aim - Bathroom Prank
Sprinkle some water with yellow food coloring all over the toilet seat and floor. It will look like whoever used the toilet before you was a terrible aimer.
Boiled Eggs - Dorm Room Pranks
Boil some eggs and begin eating them. Then ask your roommate if he wants one. If he says yes, then give him an unboiled egg. Then watch as he begins to crack it open.
Scrolling Marque Prank - Computer Prank
Change your victim's screensaver so it is a scrolling marque and says something like "(victim's name) is a big jerk"
Myra Mains - Office Prank
This is a great prank for a secretary to play on the office jokester. Maybe the secretary needs to get even. Well try this. When your victim is out to lunch, leave him a message that someone named Myra Mains called and needs a call back ASAP. Leave the number to the local coroner's office with the note. Myra Mains, sounds like My Remains.
Screensaver Password - Computer Prank
Change your victim's computer so they need a password to get out of 'screensaver' mode.
Bug In A Pen Cap - School Prank
Classmates are always asking to borrow a pen. Next time you find a dead bug, place it in a pen cap and close it. When the next person asks to borrow your pen, give them that one. They will be in for an insect surprise!
The Keyboard/Mouse Swap - Computer Prank
This will only work on 2 coworkers who sit close to each other. After they have left for the day, swap the keyboards or mice.
Wrapper And Cheese Sandwich - Food Prank
Next time you want to play a food prank on someone, make them a sandwich with cheese. But don't remove the plastic wrap from the cheese. When your victim takes a bite, they will get a plastic surprise!
Mystery Chicken #3 - School Prank
Buy three chickens from a chicken farm and label them 1, 2, and 4. Then release them on your school campus. The staff will go nuts looking for #3 which doesn't exist.

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