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Cause A Scene In A Music Store - Public Prank
Go to a music store where you can listen and preview music for free. Then turn the music up loud and sing to the music even louder, so everyone in the whole damn store will hear you.
Job Interview Hair Add On - Office Prank
During a job interview, asked to be excused and replace your bald head look with a headpiece. You will come back in with hair that you never had going into the interview.
Microwave Ketchup Blast - Food Prank
Hide a couple of ketchup packets underneath the carousel inside the microwave. When your victim uses the microwave next, he will not know the packets are there and will have to clean up all the ketchup that explodes everywhere.
Those Pesky Public Skaterboarders - Public Prank
Next time you see those pimply faced teenage skateboarders skating on a public sidewalk, wait awhile. Eventually one of them will not execute his nose pipe dive or whatever they call those lame moves. Anyways, his skateboard will go rolling away from him...go get his skate board before he does and quickly unscrew his wheels with a screw driver from your pocket then put it back on the ground and run. This sucks for him because 1, he will not be able to continue skating with friends unless he happened to bring a screw driver with him and 2, more than likely he probably rode his board to the location...so he will have to walk all the way back.
Early For Work - Sleeping Prank
Change every single possible clock that your victim may see. Change it so he will be an hour early for work. Make sure you change his watch, alarm, wall clock, tv clock, car clock, etc. He won't notice until he arrives at work and is exactly 1 hour early.
Healthy Dinner Prank - Food Prank
Create a meal for dinner that looks healthy but is a sweet delicious dessert instead. Just lay some peanut butter logs on the plate to look like small chicken tenders. Then add a handful of candy mix that looks like peas and carrots. Top that off with a side of vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce which looks like mashed potatoes and gravy.
Milk, Eggs, And Cheese - School Prank
Fill a soda bottle with milk, eggs, and parmisan cheese. Wait a couple of weeks. Then take the bottle to school and place on the bathroom floor. Unscrew the lid and stomp on the bottle. It will leave a big stinky mess all over the floor. Now walk out of the restroom like nothing happened.
Watch Where You're Walking - School Prank
Sucker freshmen into walking too close to an active Van-De-Graff generator.
Early Morning Bucket of Water - Door Prank
Balance a nearly full bucket of water against someone's door at night. When they open it the next morning it will fall and flood their room. Even better against elevator doors.
Ding Dong Ditch - Public Prank
Ring someone's door bell and then run and hide. When your victim opens the door...SURPRISE!!! nobody there!
Pea Soup Barf Prank - Food Prank
Put a water bottle of pea soup down your chest, underneath your tshirt while at the school lunch table. Then get up and make weird noises and begin to squeeze your chest so it looks like you are puking. Then give the signal for your friends at the table to eat the pea soup from their trays that you just puked on. Everyone at other tables will see this and be disgusted thinking that your buddies are eating your puke.
If anyone needs me... - Office Prank
Send everyone at the office an email to let them know what you are doing. For example: "If anyone needs me, I will be in the copy room"
Pink Bubbles - Bathroom Prank
Take the lid off the cistern of a toilet. This is where the part that control the flushing is located. Then pour in some bubble bath liquid and some pink food coloring. The next person to flush the toilet will get pink bubbles everywhere!
Beer Shower - Public Prank
Toss full cups of beer into the air on a dance floor as soon as the club goes dark from timing with the beat of the song. Then check out the dancers reactions as they go from energetic happy partiers to pissed of beer coated victims as soon as the light turns back on.
Speaker Is Broken - Food Prank
Place a sign on a drive thru speaker that reads 'Broken Speaker - Please Speak Louder Than Usual'
Phone Receiver Trick
Unplug the phone receiver just a little bit, so it looks like its still plugged in and is not noticeable. The next time the phone rings and your victim goes to answer it...the receiver will come right out!
Name Swap - Phone Prank
Next time your buddy leaves his phone laying around. Pick it up and change your name in the phonebook with an Ex's name. Then wait a few minutes and give him a call. He will think his Ex is calling him.
Marshmellow Prank - Food Prank
Next time you serve marshmellow. Make a hole in one and insert salt and pepper and close it back up.
Furniture On The Ceiling - Dorm Room Pranks
Glue dorm room furniture to the ceiling. If your dorm is on the second floor, then people passing by outside will be able to see it if they look up into the window.
Fork It - School Prank
Buy a few boxes of plastic forks. Then late at night get a couple buddies to help you plant them in the school front yard. Place them in the lawn with the handle part of the fork down.

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