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Green Milk - Food Prank
Add some green food coloring to a carton of milk. Then give your victim a bowl of dry cereal. Make sure you pour the green milk out into his bowl in front of him. He will wonder why the milk is green.
Golf Course Fun - Public Prank
Fill all the holes at your local golf course with chocolate pudding.
Ankle Tapping - School Prank
Use your foot to tap your victim's ankle while he or she is running or walking. This will cause him to trip and fall.
Gas Station Restroom - Bathroom Prank
Write the following on the restroom stall wall: Big Bubba is coming to kick your ass on: (insert today's date here) after sundown. Then whoever uses the stall after you that night will see today's date and hurry and flush before Big Bubba shows up.
Escaped Prisoner - Door Prank
Dress yourself in an orange jumpsuit and sneakers. Shave your head and put a handcuff on one wrist. Then go knocking on people's doors asking if you can use their phone. Works best if you try this prank in a neighborhood where a jail is nearby.
Where are those paperclips? - Office Prank
Make a few copies of paperclips then put those copies back inside the paper tray. Whoever uses the copier next will get their copies with those paperclips on them and will look all over trying to hunt them down.
The Wedgie - Dorm Room Pranks
Sneak up on your victim from behind. Pull his underwear up as much as possible. Make sure you stretch it up his crack and over his back.
Tic Tac Table Prank - Food Prank
Slip a few tic tacs in your mouth after the waitress leaves your table. When she returns spit them into your hand, to look like you just lost some teeth. Then tell her how tough the steak is tonight.
Icy Bathroom - Dorm Room Pranks
During the winter, when its snowy and icy outside and below zero temperature go the the bathroom and open all the windows. Then flood the bathroom floor with water. This prank works best if done at night while everyone is asleep. Overnight the bathroom will turn to a very cold and icy room. Perfect for your victim when they wake up in the morning and have to use the room.
TP The Entire Room - Dorm Room Pranks
While your buddy is asleep, sneak into his dorm room and stream toilet paper everywhere.
M and N keys - Office Prank
While your co-worker in the next cubicle is away, switch the M and N keys on his keyboard.
Shower Before Entering - Bathroom Prank
If you know someone who turns on the shower before actually entering the tub area. Then before their next shower, turn the showerhead so it faces outside the shower area. Most people don't even look up before turning the nozzle.
Urinating Blue - Food Prank
Get some of the tracer pills that turn urine blue (or some other interesting color) Crush and slip it into some food. The victim will be peeing blue for 2-3 days afterwards though the pills themselves are just dye and are completely harmless.
Wax Paper Cookies - Food Prank
Carefully take the tops off of Oreo cookies and place a small piece of wax paper inbetween. Put the cookies back in place and watch as your victim bites into his favorite cookie and gets wax paper along with it.
Sandy Sleep - Sleeping Prank
Sprinkle Sand or Jello Mix or the like in the person's bed.
CSI - Public Prank
Place caution tape all around someone's house or yard so it looks like a crime scene. To make it look even more real, use chalk to outline a dead body on the sidewalk.
Bedtime Flour - Sleeping Prank
Pour some flour on your victim's pillow. Works best if your victim as a white pillow case.
Outdoor Concert Fishing - Public Prank
This prank works well at any outdoor concert. All you do is wait til night time, attach a glowstick to a fishing pole or similiar item. Then stand behind a tree or bush while the glowstick is laying on the ground. People walking by will try to pick the glowstick up. As soon as they do, you reel it in.
Hey! I wanted snacks! - Office Prank
Empty boxes of common snacks such as Cheez-Its or Figs and replace them with shredded paper or anything else that will weigh the box down. Then place them in the break room.
Obnoxious Foreigner - Public Prank
Be obnoxious as possible while loudly speaking another language. (german, french or whatever) When you hear someone mutter something like, "I wish they would shut up." respond appropriately in perfect english.

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Note: Our database of pranks and practical jokes is for entertainment purposes only. We do not support people actually doing pranks that are harmful to others or illegal.