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House For Sale - Public Prank
Put one of those real estate home for sale signs in your victim's front yard.
Body Builder Laxatives - Food Prank
If your victim is one of those body builder's in training then try this prank. Crush up some laxative pills and pour it into his powder drink mix. Then not only will he be getting ripped, but he will also be 'ripping' ...so to speak.
Black Eye - Public Prank
This is a good prank for tourist attraction places such as piers where they have those pay per view binoculars for 25 cents. All you have to door is smear the edges with some charcoal. When the victim is done checking out the scenary, he or she will have a black ring around their eyes.
Towel Snapping - School Prank
Towards the end of gym class after everyone has showered, wet your towel alittle, twirl it up a bit and begin snapping it at your victim. Works best if you have a group of students that can gang up on your victim from all angles.
30 cheeseburgers please... - Food Prank
Go to a drive thru and order 30 cheeseburgers, then drive away. They will be making alot of burgers for nothing.
Greasy Toilet - Bathroom Prank
Grease the bathroom toilet seat with something like neosporin or vaseline. The more clear the substance is, the more difficult it is to detect before the victim sits on the seat.
Plastic Force Field - Door Prank
Use plastic wrap to block a doorway. When your victim opens the door and tries to walk right through. He will just end up bouncing back into the room he came from.
Super Glue Prank - School Prank
Superglue EVERYTHING in a classroom down. Chairs, chalk, books, whatever. Don't be choosy.
Garlic Phone - Office Prank
Smash up some garlic and put the pieces inside the mouthpiece of the phone. Then call the victim up and keep him on the phone as long as possible.
Moldy Coffee - Office Prank
Grow mold in your coffee mug.
Improptu Shower - Bathroom Prank
Place a small tube in one or the water holes with the other end pointed outward at the victim. When flushed results in an improptu shower.
What's This? - School Prank
Point to the chest area of your victim's shirt and ask him "what's this?" when he looks down to check it out, run your finger up and smack him in the face with it.
Coffee Switch - Office Prank
Switch the decaf with the regular coffee.
Bulge In Your Speedo - School Prank
During swim week for P.E. be sure to wear your speedos. Also make sure to add something so there is extra bulge in your crotch area. You will certainly be the center of attention.
Rear Injection - Office Prank
If you work at a place where shots are either required or encouraged, chances are your company has a day where physicals are free and everyone takes turns getting a shot when the doctor shows up on a certain day. Well, for this prank, before going in to get your shot on the upper arm...make sure you in line in front of the new guy. Then proceed to undo your pants, walk in, get your shot and come out zipping back up and rubbing your bum. The new guy will think the shot is actually in the rear and will be a bit freightened.
Curtain Removal - Dorm Room Pranks
Wait until your victim is in the shower. Take down the curtain that is in his room. Then go outside and draw a crowd of passer by's. Tell them to keep an eye on what is going to appear in the window.
Empty Room - Dorm Room Pranks
Every day removie something small from another student's room. Place these items in a different room. Repeat until room is completely empty.
Discontinued Award - Office Prank
The next time someone at the office wins an award, send out a memo to everyone that the award has been discontinued.
Telemarketing Veggie Talk
The next time you get an annoying telemarketer calling you start naming vegetables as he is giving his pitch. He will become annoyed and just hang up on you.
Elevator Jam - Door Prank
Take a large group of friends with you into an elevator. Go up and down for about 15 min. Nobody will be able to go inside even though their floor door will open, because the elevator will already be jammed with riders.

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Note: Our database of pranks and practical jokes is for entertainment purposes only. We do not support people actually doing pranks that are harmful to others or illegal.