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Flour Under The Door Prank
Pour some Flour on a thin piece of carboard. Unfolding a cereal box would work great! Then slip it under a door and blow it all over the inside of the room. If you know the person is going to be gone for a few days, try blowing powdered sugar as it will attract ants.
The Boss Needs A Date - Office Prank
Before the next office party, print out a picture of your boss along with his or her phone number and post these printouts in various places throught the building. Oh and don't forget to put this underneath the picture: "I Need A Date For The Office Xmas Party...Please Call Me"
Fun With Locker Room Balls - School Prank
Piss all over big bouncy balls then kick them around in the locker room while people are getting dressed.
Smile! Your On Bathroom Candid Camera! - Bathroom Prank
Before a group of friends come over, just take a camera into your bathroom and video tape the sink and toilet. As soon as one of your buddies goes to use the toilet, have your other friends gather around the TV, pop in the video you filmed earlier. When your victim comes out of the bathroom he will wonder what everyone is watching and laughing about...he will then see the screen...it will look like he was being videotaped while using the bathroom!!
Would You Like Fries With That? - Office Prank
When people at the office order you to do stuff, ask them if they would like fries with that.
Answering The Phone Prank - Phone Prank
Next time you answer your phone, this is what you should say: "hello, this is (Your Fake Name Here) from the city morgue, you stab them we slab them, how may I help you?"
Dorm Room Tug Of War
While 2 different dorm room buddies who have rooms across from each other are sleeping, get a rope and tie their door knobs together. Leave just enough slack so both doors open just a crack. Then rapidly knock on both victims doors. When they go to answer them, they will be in an unsuspected tug of war with each other.
Why are my eyes burning? - Public Prank
Crush up some hot peppers. Then use the juice and smear it on door knobs, hand rails, or any other place that people put their hands on. They will not know they just touched hot peppers...until its time for them to rub their eyes...OUCH!
Extra Sugar In Coffee - Office Prank
If you have one of those co-workers who uses the same mug and drinks the same style coffee everyday, then try this prank. When he or she isn't paying attention drop a few packets of sugar into their mug and mix it up.
Waiting For My Document - Office Prank
Put a chair so it faces the printer then sit there all day long and tell people you are waiting for your document.
Restaurant Grade - Food Prank
If you live in a county where all restaurants need to put a grade in the front window that the health inspector gave them, then this prank is for you. All you do is simply make your own grade on a paper than looks similar to the one in the windows and when you go to a restaurant, just slip your sign in front of their current grade sign.
Classic Flush Toilet While Showering Prank - Bathroom Prank
Flush toilets while a person showers. The more toilets the better.
Granny Style Underwear - School Prank
Go to the store and buy the biggest granny style underwear you can. Smear some chocolate on the back side of the underwear. Then place them in the middle of the hall before school begins.
I am blind! ...move please! - Public Prank
While taking your dog for a walk, also take a walking stick along and some shades for your eyes. Then pretend you are blind and start bumping into people and objects.
Hidden Channel Surfing - School Prank
Next time your teacher puts one of those boring videos on during class time. Have some fun with a universal remote! Every few minutes put the voume on mute or change the channels back and forth.
Remove The Balls - School Prank
Remove the balls from inside all of the computer mouse in your class. Everyone will become frustrated when they are not working.
Bang! That has to hurt! - Dorm Room Pranks
Put up some banner paper. The kind that football players run thru before a football game. Put the banner in the doorway of one of your roommates, as soon as he comes crashing thru stand and applaud and cheer him on. Then put another banner up for the final roommate still inside. This time put a heavy object in the way. So when he decides to crash thru for his cheer...he gets a large piece of furniture...HEAD ON!!! ...ouch!
Thats My Locker! - School Prank
Break into a freshman's locker, take his stuff out, put your stuff inside and when he returns to get his stuff...tell him its your locker then walk away and says something like "Dumb Freshman!"
Office Raffle - Office Prank
Put an envelope in your victim's mail box slot. In the envelope put a letter with a return envelope. The letter will say something like "Office Raffle - $1 each ticket". Then make up some fake prizes like a new new car grand prize, new computer second prize and 5 runner up cash prizes, etc. Have your victim put his dollars in his envelope and put back in mailbox. Then later, go get this envelope of money and put some fake raffle tickets in his box.
Styrofoam Cheesy Puffs - Food Prank
Get some styrofoam packing nuts and color them orange with food coloring. They will look like Cheetos. Put them in a party bowl and serve during a get together.

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