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Meaty Cupcakes - Food Prank
Create a meaty version of what looks like cupcakes. All you have to go is create the muffin part of the cake by replacing sweet cake mix with a hearty meatloaf base. After you take this out of the oven, let it cool then add melted jack cheese on top, be sure to color the cheese with food coloring. Now the cup cakes are done! Give them to you victim.
Robin Hood - School Prank
Grab a female's bra strap from the back and yell, "Robin Hood" as you release it and make it SNAP!
Clean - Bathroom Prank
Restaurants and hotels usually have a checklist in their restrooms that employees can check off whoever cleaned it last. This is to know who did it last and how long its been since the last cleaning. If you have a pen handy you can just mark it clean yourself, even if it is messy, smelly, needs toilet paper and has a wet floor. You can also put the same initials for the last cleaning as the current cleaning...if the management cares, then JR will be lectured about doing a half-ass cleaning job.
Party At Dave's House - Office Prank
While at a co-worker's party, assume that you have to pay for the drinks and keep asking for every drink you get whether you have to pay for this one or not. If your co-worker's spouse gets your drink for you, then be prepared to tip.
Email Rhymes - Office Prank
Make sure every email you send out to your co-workers includes rhyming couplets.
Classic Cup Of Water On Door Prank
Leave the door open about 5 inches or so. Enough to place a cup of water on the top of the door. When your victim opens the door, he or she will get a waterfall on their head.
Buck Naked And Cold - Door Prank
While your victim is in the shower. Quietly open the door and steal his clothes/towel from the hanger. Your victim will be freezing cold and buck naked and won't know what to do.
Double Lock Your Victim's Bike - School Prank
Buy a padlock and take it to school with you. Hang out near the bike rack area. After your victim locks his bike and goes to class, put your lock on his bike chain so it now has 2 locks. The only difference is...your victim doesn't have the key or combo to the new lock.
Apple Juice Piss Prank - School Prank
Always have a bottle of apple juice handy in case a classmate falls asleep in class. When he does, pour a little on his pants, the seat, or even on the floor below him. When he awakes he will think he pissed his pants.
Bathroom Sensor - Bathroom Prank
Take some black duck tape and tape over sensors in public bathrooms so toilets can't flush and sink water never turns off.
Wasabi Guacamole - Food Prank
Mix some wasabi into guacamole. It is the same color and is difficult to detect. People wont know the difference until they taste it.
The Knotty Prank - Dorm Room Pranks
While your roommate is out, get a bunch of string and tie knots everywhere in his room, from bed post to tv antaenas, to lamp post, to door knob, bed leg, etc etc...the more knotts streaming across the room the better. Have fun then wait til the victim returns for the laughs to begin.
Run Thru Forest - School Prank
Tell your victim to close his eyes and pretend he is running thru a forest. Then tell him to run faster, and faster, and faster, remind him he is running quickly thru trees...then smack him in the face and say "Ohh! you just ran into a tree"
Hide The Stink - Dorm Room Prank
Put something smelly into a small cup and place it in the most hard-to-find (or hard to get-at place) in someone's room. They will tear their room apart looking for the smell.
Classic Locker Jam - School Prank
Shove your victim in his locker and lock it.
A Few Pounds Heavier - Dorm Room Prank
Go out and buy some new boxers or underwear. Buy the same kind and brand that your roommate wears. Only be sure to buy them a couple sizes too small. Wash them a few times so they don't look brand new. Then replace them with his old ones in his drawer. When he tries them on and realizes they are smaller than usual, he may think he put on a few pounds and is heavier.
Itching Powder On The Toilets - School Prank
During class while everyone is learning. Ask to be excused, go to the restroom and leave itching powder all over the toilet seat and on the toilet paper.
Hard Boiled Egg Prank - Food Prank
When your victim is away from the kitchen, take the eggs out and hard boil them. Then place them right back in the fridge.
Microwaved Mayo Prank On A Drunk - Food Prank
Wave microwaved mayonaise under the nose of a person who is drunk and feeling queasy. Alternately start asking questions such as "Would you like a cold greasy pork chop? How about an earthworm omlette?..."
Sand Hole At The Beach - Public Prank
Dig a hole in the sand at the beach. Then cover it up with either palm tree leaves or sea weed. Then sit back and watch people take a step inside without knowing.

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