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Raw Eggs - Dorm Room Pranks
Place raw eggs under the person's pillow or comforter or somewhere else that is bulky enough that the eggs won't be noticed until after they have been crushed. This is lots of fun to clean up after...
Bra Snapping - School Prank
Walk up to a female classmate, and point out the following directions on her back, "North, South, West, East, Equator" Then be sure to pull back on the equator (The horizontal bra strap) and letting it go so everyone can hear the 'snap'.
Speed Dial Changing - Office Prank
Change the speed dial numbers on your boss's phone so they dial strip clubs or massage parlors.
Free Hamburger Prank - Food Prank
Before driving thru the Burger Place drive thru, tell your buddy that there is a new promotion there. Tell him if at the drive thru speaker, if you tell the worker "I can spell Whopper Combo" then spell it correctly, you win a free hamburger. Then laugh your ass off as you says and does it.
Bathroom Thunder Storm - Bathroom Prank
As soon as your victim sits down to do his business in a public stall, go into the stall next to his.Then flash a light underneath the stall and yell, "Lightening!. Wait a few seconds, then bang on the stall wall and yell, "Thunder!. Then a few seconds after that, yell "RAIN!" while flinging a bucket of water over the stall. This may piss of your victim so i suggest running like hell.
Confusing Drawers - Office Prank
Before your co-worker arrives at the office remove his desk drawers and switch them around. He will definitely scratch his head over this one. Hint: In case you cannot remove the drawers, just remove the items and swap them
Face The Corner - Public Prank
Get really close and face the corner inside of an elevator. When the next person gets in, he or she is gonna think..."what the heck is he doing??"
Peanut Butter Shoes - Dorm Room Pranks
Smear some peanut butter on the bottom of your shoes. Be careful not to walk on carpet though. When you sit down, cross your legs and angle your feet up so others can notice the peanut butter. Only they won't think its peanut butter!
All Sew'd Up - Dorm Room Pranks
Sew all of your roommate's underwear together. When he or she goes into the drawer to get one out, he will end up pulling them all out.
Refrigerator Door Graffiti - Door Prank
Place some clear scotch tape on the fridge door. Be sure there are no creases. You don't want the tape to be detectable. Then write on the clear tape with red nail polish. When your victim sees his or her fridge with writing all over it, they will freak. When they do, just pull the clear tape right off.
Sloppy Sneeze - Dorm Room Prank
Walk behind someone with a wet hand. Pretend to sneeze. At the same time, shake your hand over the back of your victim's neck and behind ears. Your victim will think you sneezed all over him.
3 Way Prank - Phone Prank
Use your 3 way calling to do this prank. All you do is simply call your first victim and as soon as he answers quickly speed dial the other victim. Then try to be quiet on your end as they both tell each other hello and wonder who called who.
High School Girls - School Prank
Go up to your mother with a serious face and tell her you are pregnant. You can even make up a story like...you don't know how it happened or who it was or anything. Then be sure to tell here she has been pranked!
Hit The Jackpot - Public Prank
As soon as money comes out of your ATM, yell "I WON I WON" thats the fourth time this month! Make sure everyone behind you hears it.
Company Logo Tattoo - Office Prank
Get a temporary tattoo of your company logo and show it off to everyone in the office. Tell them this is to show how dedicated and loyal you are to your work. Don't tell them its a temporary tat, then try to convince others to also get a perminent tat of the company logo.
Grilled Cheese Prank - Food Prank
Make your victim think you just made him a delicious grilled cheese sandwich, but in reality its actually a sweet dessert. For the bread just use pound cake bread and for the cheese, use white frosting that you color yellow with food coloring.
Job Interview Arm Wrestling - Office Prank
During a job interview, offer the job applicant to an arm wrestling match. Let him beat you, tell him he didn't get the job but ask if he can return later this week to take on Big Bubba from accounting. Explain that he is the company arm wrestling champ but is currently on vacation.
Stuck Mouse - Computer Prank
Attach the mouse to the mouse pad using double-sided tape (just make normal tape into a circle if you don't have double-sided tape)
I Love Seafood - Dorm Room Pranks
Get a carrot and use your teeth to shave it into the shape of a goldfish. Then take it over to your victim (who has a pet goldfish) and tell him just how hungry you are. Reach into his goldfish bowl and pretend to grab his goldfish and eat it. Then tell him.."Yum, i love seafood"
Ash Face - Dorm Room Pranks
Dip your middle finger in water, then dip it in an ash tray. Point to your victim's face with your point finger and tuck your middle finger inside your palm. To hide it. Then tell your victim he or she has something on their face. Then tell em you got it, proceed to rub it off...but use your middle finger...make sure you smear the ashes across their cheek really good!

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