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Make My Order 'To Go' - Food Prank
Whenever you go through the Drive Thru, make sure the person on the other end of the intercom knows that the order is 'to go'. Repeat this several times throught the order.
Locker Room Prank - School Prank
If the person below your locker pisses you off, here is a prank you can do. Clear your locker out, then slowly pour water inside, the water will drain down the air vents and side slits and get everything wet on the locker down below. If you want to be even more dirty, you can pour soda or a milkshake. It will be stickier and may attract ants.
Bungi Cord Fasten - Sleeping Prank
Fasten someone to their bed with numerous bungi cords.
Lice - Bathroom Prank
Open a box of lice powder and just leave it on the bathroom counter. People using the bathroom will scratch their heads wondering who is the one with the lice in their hair.
Pop The Balloon - Bathroom Prank
Use a funnel to put some poo inside a balloon, then blow it up, tie it and tape it the inside stall wall of a public restroom. Next, tape a stick or pin to the stall as well. Along with a note that reads, "Pop this balloon for a special surprise inside." Then go back in a few hours and see if anyone popped it.
Signs With Removable Letters - Public Prank
Next time you come across one of those public signs with removable letters. Rearrange them around to spell something else. Be creative. Change a Doctor's sign to read: Dr. Jones We Break Bones here or something similiar
Phone Label Swap - Office Prank
Change the speed dial labels on office phones. It will piss off your co-worker when he is trying to call tech support but instead speed dials the courier.
Office Treats - Office Prank
Whenever you try to cook at home and the dishes don't turn out quite right, bring those dishes into the office and tell everyone they are special treats.
Back Of T-Shirt Sticker Prank - School Prank
Place a sticker on the back of your victim's t-shirt. Have it read "Boy Crazy" or "Daddy's Lil Princess" if its a male victim. Get Creative!
Advertise In The Local Paper - School Prank
Advertise your principal's job in the local paper.
Ice Cubes In Hot Tub - Public Prank
When you see several folks relaxing in a hot tub, throw ice cubes into the tub. They'll wonder who's throwing stuff at them, but the cubes melt almost instantly leaving no evidence or clues as to who is doing it.
Monitor Settings - Office Prank
Every day, while your co-worker is away from his desk adjust his monitor settings so the brightness goes down 2%. At a rate of 2% a day from 100%...in about 2 weeks the brightness will drop 20%. See how long it takes him to notice the change.
Bucket Of Water - Dorm Room Pranks
Fill a bucket with water. Go to the top of your dorm building and wait until your vicim walks out the front door. As soon as he or she does, drop the water on his head.
Games With Pens - School Prank
Use a pen (cannot erase) to make embarrasing notes on other classmates paper notes when they aren't paying attention. Example: I still need to ask Joey to go out with me. Or... Don't forget my cheet sheet for the test.
The Red Baron - School Prank
Sneak up on your victim and grab his ears. Then pull them back and pretend to fly a plane. Sound effects are optional.
Wanted Posters - Public Prank
Create wanted posters and post them up around town. Put a picture of your victim on the poster and let everyone know what he is wanted for. Write something embarrassing such as Nose Picking or Loud Farting.
Supermarket Switch - Public Prank
Remove the label from one item at the supermarket and replace it with the label from something else that isn't even close. Such as sliced peaches for garbanzo beans or dog food for tomato soup.
Pool Table Prank - Public Prank
Drop a potato down one of the pockets of a pool table. Potatos are bumpy and won't roll all the way back down, this causes all the other balls to get stuck.
Monkey Face - School Prank
You could either take a picture of your victim's face and paste it on a monkey's head using Photoshop and print it out on your home computer. Or, just print both pictures out and cut out his or her face with scissors and paste it with glue over the monkey head. Then go to your local Copy store and make dozens of copies. Then pass them out all over school the next day.
Full Of Nuts - Office Prank
Fill a co-worker's desk drawer with packing peanuts. Empty the content of the drawer out first, so you can add more peanuts.

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Note: Our database of pranks and practical jokes is for entertainment purposes only. We do not support people actually doing pranks that are harmful to others or illegal.