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They Look Similiar- Dorm Room Pranks
Insert another CD into a friend's favorite CD case. Make sure that the Cd's look similar. After they put the CD in without checking, watch their expressions as the room is filled with "Coppa Cabana" or some other cheesy CD you swapped his favorite with.
Toothpaste Oreos - Food Prank
Put some toothpaste in the fridge until it gets hard then replace the cream filling in Oreo cookies with the stiff toothpaste. Make sure to round the edges so it looks real. Then serve them to your victim.
Carnival Planning - School Prank
Start calling a bunch of places that rent out items for carnivals, such as animals, rides, clowns, jugglers, bouncy houses, and concession stands. Call after hours so you can leave a message for them to call you back. But instead of leaving your name and number, leave your principals name and your high school's phone number. Tell them all to call you back tomorrow before noon. Then from 9am to noon your school will be flooded with carnival places calling them.
The Messed Up Mouse - Computer Prank
If they are using an optical mouse, put a piece of clear tape over the red laser under the mouse. It will make it not work correctly.
Blood Pressure Prank - Public Prank
Go to the back of any drug store. There should be a blood pressure checking machine near the pharmacy. This is the machine that you place on your arm and it squeezes your arm so tight then lets go after a few seconds. For this prank all you have to do is go and get a plastic bottle of shampoo from the soap isle. Then instead of using your arm use the shampoo bottle. Start up the blood pressure machine and walk out of the store before shampoo explodes all over the floor.
I Think My Phone Is Ringing - Office Prank
During a conversation, tell your co-worker(s) that you think your phone is ringing, even if you are a long way from your desk. Then leave and go and get some coffee.
Urine Sample - Bathroom Prank
This prank can be used at any store or restaurant restroom. Just go into a stall next to someone who is already there and tell them you are about to be hired at the store or restaurant but they want a urine sample. Tell the person you don't think you will pass the test and ask them if they could please piss in it for you. Hand the plastic cup underneath the stall. Most people will say no...so just keep begging them. This is very annoying...especially if the person is just sitting there and trying to do his business.
Refusal Rebuttle Letter - Office Prank
The next time a company declines to hire you, send them a letter that reads.......Dear (Interviewer's Name). Thanks for you letter of June 15th. After carefully considering I regret to inform you that I am unable to accept your refusal to offer me employment with your company. This year I have been very unfortunate in receiving a vast amount of rejection letters. With such a varied and promising field of candidates it is impossible for me to accept all refusals. Despite your company's outstanding qualifications and previous experience in rejecting applicants, I find that your rejection does not meet with my needs at this time. Therefore, I will initiate employment with your business immediately following graduation. I am looking forward to seeing you then. Best of luck with your future candidate rejections. Sincerly, (your name here)
Where Is My Phone?
Hide your victim's phone and give him a call. Then try not to laugh as you watch him scramble around looking for his phone.
Free Drink At A Bar - Public Prank
Scam your friend into buying you a drink at the local bar. This is what you do. Tell him you are going to ask him 5 questions, if he gets any of the questions right then he has to buy you a drink. Sounds easy, well the first few questions you ask him will be easy to get wrong...start by asking him his name, for the second question ask him what kind of car he drives. For the third question ask him who the U.S. President is. After you ask him those easy questions, then ask him if he is ready for the next question. The next question is question #...?? If he answers 4, then he has to buy you a drink.
Leave A Door Trail
Steal a person's door. Leave a trail of clue's as to where to find it. Have them running all over the place trying to find it and have them end up somewhere near where they started. (like in the next room)
Freeze Glasses to Trays - Food Prank
Freeze glasses to trays in the cafeteria. This can be accomplished by smearing the bottom of the glass with honey and sticking it firmly to the tray. Next fill the glass with ice, water and salt to lower the temperature. After a few minutes the honey should be frozen to both the tray and the glass.
Bookmark Prank - Computer Prank
While your victim is away from his computer, change his browser bookmarks so they go to obscene sites. Be sure to keep the title the same though, this way he or she won't know its changed until they click on it.
Squeaky Class - School Prank
This prank works well with a substitute teacher, but can also work on your real teacher. You will need a couple other students to be in on the prank as well. All you have to do is, while your teacher is reading something to the class just make a quick squeaky noise. Teacher will look up, see nothing and keep reading. Then a few seconds later, someone else needs to squeak. Teacher will look up again but see nothing, keep waiting a few seconds and keep squeaking. Teacher will become annoyed but will never know where the squeaks are coming from
Eggs In Soap Dispenser - Bathroom Prank
Crack a couple of eggs and drop them in the soap dispenser. Whoever washes their hands next will try to wash their hands with eggs.
Gum On The Toilet Seat - Bathroom Prank
Place some sticky chewed gum on the toilet seat. Works best if the gum is the same color as the seat.
Going Up? - Public Prank
Get in an elevator and ask the person next to you which floor they are going to (so you can press the button for them) If they say a floor near the top like 12, then go thru and press 2, 3, 4, 5...all the way to 12 and get off on the next floor.
Drive Thru Kazoo - Food Prank
Make the people working at the drive thru at any fast food place think that their speakers are going bad. Just order your food using a kazoo. It will sound bad on their end.
Self Recognition Prank - Office Prank
Without disguising your voice, compliment yourself over the office intercom. Compliment yourself on a just completed task or give yourself the rest of the day off.
Take The Bait - Food Prank
Add a rubber fishing worm into your victim's meal and watch their surprise when they bite into the tasty morsel

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