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Bubble Gum Hair Prank - School Prank
Place some chewed gum in the hood of someone's jacket. When they put there hood on their head the gum will stick to there hair. I know, its cruel. But just so you know, peanut butter will help the gum come right out.
Ever Seen A Match Burn Twice? - Dorm Room Pranks
Ask your roommate if he has ever seen a match burn twice. He will say no. Then you show him how it can be done. Simply strike it up to show him the first burn. Then when it goes out and while its still hot, quickly place it on his skin. After he says, "Ouch!" Tell him that is the 2nd burn.
Piss Off Golfers - Public Prank
If you walk along the outside of any golf course in america you will find a bunch of golf balls that accidentally left the yard. Gather up a few of them and when someone hits their ball near the hole you are standing by toss all the balls over the fence so when he gets there, he won't know which one is actually his ball. This will piss the golfer off, as golfers take their games very serious.
Would You Like A Hertz Donut? - School Prank
Ask a classmate if he would like a Hertz Donut. After he asks you what a 'Hertz Donut' is...punch his arm as hard as you can. Make sure it 'Hertz'
Shampoo Shower Prank - Bathroom Prank
Glue a bottle of shampoo to the shower shelf (to avoid damage, use clear caulk on a surface that can be scraped).
The Janitor's Cart - School Prank
Does your school janitor drive around the campus all day in one of those industrial golf carts? Well, when he isn't paying attention tape a few condiment packets to the wheel. They will explode when he runs over them and leave a ketchup trail that he will have to clean up.
The Charlie Horse - School Prank
Also known as a dead arm. Just walk up to your victim and catch him off guard hit a hard punch to his upper arm.
The Doggy Pile - School Prank
Push your victim down to the ground, then yell out 'Doggy Pile!!!" and jump on top of him. Then wait as others nearby jump on top of you creating a multiple layer human pyramid.
Stitched Shut - Dorm Room Pranks
Take your roommate's underwear and stitch the front fly on all of them closed so he cannot open them.
Star Wars Prank - School Prank
Tell your victim that you have the force. If he says prove it, then lick your hand and push his face to send him backwards.
Doze Off During Interview - Office Prank
While interviewing a job applicant, doze off a little and look tired.
Skirt Float - School Prank
Tape a helium balloon to a girl's skirt.
Hair Dye Prank - Bathroom Prank
Refill someone's shampoo bottle with a hair dye color that is totally opposite of their current hair color.
Intercom Prank - Office Prank
This is a great prank to play on a new co-worker. Every office has a code to use the PA. Lets say the code is 10. Well, just let the new co-worker know that he has a call for him on 10. When he presses 10 he will say "hello this is Dave" ...hello? hellooo? until he realizes he is on the PA intercom
Start Rumors - School Prank
Rumors are common on school campuses everywhere. The best thing about rumors are that they are easy to start. All you have to do is tell a couple people something you heard about your victim. You don't have to give the source, just tell them what you heard that is good enough. Eventually they will tell a couple people and so on.
Coke Bottle Prank - Food Prank
Take an empty coke bottle and fill it with sparkling water and soy sauce. Then put it in the fridge for someone else to enjoy.
Sinking Chair Prank - Office Prank
Most office chairs nowadays have a pneumatic piston used to control the height. The chairs are also designed to use a person's weight to control the downward adjustment. So, while your victim is away from his chair, tape the height adjusting lever to the bottom of the seat. This will make the piston lock and when your co-worker takes a seat, he will end up sinking all the way to the bottom.
Super Fast Mouse - Computer Prank
When your victim is away from his computer, go into the setting and increase the speed of the mouse to the fastest. When he gets back, he will be unable to control the curser. It is easy to make this change, just Google it if you are not sure.
Glow In The Dark - Dorm Room Pranks
Re-paint your roommate's room while he is on vacation back home. Use the same color it was before he left, just mix in some glow powder so it glows in the dark. You will need 2 lbs of glow powder per every 1 gallon of paint. Just do a search online, there are many places to buy glow powder. Some places also sell glow paint already made.
Mouse Trap - Office Prank
If you know someone that uses an optical mouse, place a small post it note over the eye of the mouse. When your victim tries to use their mouse it won't work. When they decide to look underneath it, they will see a small posted that reads, "April Fools"

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Note: Our database of pranks and practical jokes is for entertainment purposes only. We do not support people actually doing pranks that are harmful to others or illegal.