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Out Of Toilet Paper - Phone Prank
Call any restaurant and tell the person that answers the phone that you are calling on your cell phone and you are in the bathroom. Tell them you are currently on the stall and need toilet paper. The poor sap will have to walk to the restroom to refill the toilet paper whether it needs it or not. If you get lucky, they may actually be someone using one of the stall when the restaurant worker walks in there.
Missing - Reward - Public Prank
Go to any store that has an employee of the month wall and take a picture of one of those employees with your camera phone. Go home and print their picture from your printer and make 'Missing' flyers with their picture on it. Post a reward on the flyer as well. Then go and post them on poles and walls in the store's shopping center.
This one takes alot of time and planning - School Prank
Assemble an automobile in a school hallway overnite. Works best if the car cannot fit thru the space to drive out. In other words, someone else will have to disassemble the ride to get it out of there.
Wet To Bed - Sleeping Prank
Place the sleeping person's hand in a bowl of lukewarm water. Will fequently cause bed wetting.
Your Feet Are Growing - Dorm Room Prank
Take a handful of cotton and stuff them deep inside your roommates shoes. When he or she goes to put them on, they will think their shoes are getting smaller or feet have grown.
Palms Down Beverage Trick - Food Prank
Impress your friend and show him how you can balance 2 cups of liquid on your hands (palms down). Then bet him that he cannot do it. When he tries to do it, offer to help him...once he gets it and balances the cups, walk out of the room and leave him to figure out how to remove cups from back of hands.
Dollar Bill On A Fishing Line - Public Prank
Attach a dollar bill to a fishing line. Stand behind a bush and wait for people to walk by and attempt to pick the dollar up. When they do, then slowly reel the dollar in with your fishing pole.
Cubicle Lights - Office Prank
Tape christmas lights around the top of your desk cubicle.
Water Shutoff Prank - Phone Prank
Call your friend and let him know that the city is going to be shutting of the water for the next couple of days and have advised to fill sinks, tubs, buckets, etc with water before they shutoff water system in the next few hours. It also helps to have other close friends give the victim a call explaining the same story.
Memo: Free Pizza in the Lunchroom - Office Prank
Send out an email memo to everyone in the office to let them know about FREE pizza in the lunchroom. Then sit back and wait until the line of co-workers fills the hallway on their way for pizza that isn't even there.
Pick It Up - Public Prank
Glue a shiny half dollar or quarter to the ground in a busy public place. Then sit back and watch as people pass by and try to pick it up.
Finger In The Cup - School Prank
Get a paper cup and cut a hole through the bottom of it. Stick you finger through from the bottom. Pour some ketchup inside, then go around telling people you cut your finger off.
Mini Meal - Food Prank
Use a small saucer plate and add a very small meal to a plate. Then serve to your victim. Make sure everything is small portions.
Worms In Locker - School Prank
Most lockers have vents large enough to slip some worms inside. Do this when your victim is away from his locker.
Supermarket Egg Prank - Public Prank
Take a harboiled egg with you to the supermarket. Then switch that egg with an egg from a carton in the supermarket fridge.
All-You-Can-Eat - Food Prank
Print your own little signs and replace the ones on the sneeze guard glass at your local chinese food buffet. Change food names so they read something like Cat Mein, Plate Scrapings in Gravy, Yesterday's Leftovers, Dog Poo, etc
Dummy In The Sack - Sleeping Prank
Before your lover wakes up, sneak out of bed and replace your spot with a life-size dummy or blowup doll.
Classic Cold Water Prank - Dorm Room Pranks
While your roommate is taking a nice warm shower dump a bucket of ice cold water over the top of the shower curtains.
Nuclear Piss - Public Prank
Crack a glowstick in half and drop it in a toilet or urinal. The substance will turn the water to a glow. Works best in toilets with stalls, as there is less lighting in those stalls because of the stall walls.
Crowning - School Prank
This prank involves several school pranksters. What you do is gang up on a victim and lift him or her onto a closet or some other area up high. Then everyone walks away and seems uninterested. Then when he or she gets down, quickly rush over and do the same thing. Keep repeating this process a few more times.

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Note: Our database of pranks and practical jokes is for entertainment purposes only. We do not support people actually doing pranks that are harmful to others or illegal.