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Abandonment Quotes
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Political troubles and the abandonment of sensible economic policy have scared away foreign investment, closed off aid, and chased much of the talented workforce away. (Quote by - John Robertson)

You can't put abandonment and alienation under arrest. (Quote by - Carrie P. Meek)

The condition of being forgiven is self-abandonment. The proud man prefers self-reproach, however painful -because the reproached self isn't abandoned, it remains intact. (Quote by - Aldous Huxley)

The concentration camp is the final expression of human separateness and its ultimate consequence. It is organized abandonment. (Quote by - Arthur Miller)

The feeling of abandonment does not allow these girls to denounce what they are living, so, on one end, they see their situation as normal in comparison to what they have already lived, and on the other, they have no other option but to live again in abandonment. (Quote by - Hern n Loya)

Were Hannibal Hamlin alive today, he would be delighted that his efforts at achieving liberty for all has led to a time when Americans could vote for a president not based on color, but based on capability, character and intellect. But he would be disappointed in the abandonment by his party of its initial values. (Quote by - kristan peters-hamlin)

Race hate isn't human nature, race hate is the abandonment of human nature. (Quote by - Orson Welles)

Loneliness is being surrounded by love and feeling abandoned. (Quote by - Shane Pendley)

Just the energy and the thoughtfulness and wild abandonment and the joy and sorrow that's contained within those tracks can apply to anyone. (Quote by - Victor DeLorenzo)

I hope we realize that the people of New Orleans weren't just abandoned during the hurricane, They were abandoned long ag to murder and mayhem in the streets, to substandard schools, to dilapidated housing, to inadequate health care, to a pervasive sense of hopelessness. (Quote by - Barack Obama)

We cannot abandon these institutions, and we cannot abandon the city of New Orleans. (Quote by - Michael Lomax)

Peace comes from feelings of satisfaction when working with joy, living with hope, loving with abandonment. (Quote by - Arnold Hutschnecker)

I find it absolutely outrageous that pressure from a special-interest group like CAIR can result in the abandonment of free speech and open discourse on a talk radio show,(Quote by - Michael Graham)

He has been arrested for abandonment and endangerment of a child. (Quote by - Carol Rees)

Make no mistake: you both are responsible for this proceeding, This will be an abandonment of responsibility that will, and should, haunt all of you. (Quote by - Richard Bloch)

I've overcome neglect and deprivation, abandonment and abuse. (Quote by - Tatum O'Neal )

In males, narcissism is something that has been associated with immaturity. Classically, it's something men are supposed to abandon to become adult males. Today, consumerism tells all males that they never need abandon their narcissism. That they never need grow up. Just so long as they buy the right products. (Quote by - Mark Simpson)

Life, misfortunes, isolation, abandonment, poverty, are battlefields which have their heroes; obscure heroes, sometimes greater than the illustrious heroes(Quote by - Victor Hugo)

The shoot-down occurred because of the U.S. abandonment of the Brothers to the Rescue. (Quote by - Jose Basulto)

When you have faults, do not fear to abandon them. (Quote by - Confucius)

She clearly wanted to just leave them. And that's abandonment. She had every opportunity to do it the right way. (Quote by - Chuck Wegner)

The genius of happiness is still so rare, is indeed on the whole the rarest genius. To possess it means to approach life with the humility of a beggar, but to treat it with the proud generosity of a prince; to bring to its totality the deep understanding of a great poet and to each of its moments the abandonment and ingenuousness of a child. (Quote by - Ellen Key)

If anyone believes that our smiles involve abandonment of the teaching of Marx, Engels and Lenin he deceives himself. Those who wait for that must wait until a shrimp learns to whistle. (Quote by - Nikita Khrushchev)

Residents do use the four walkways being proposed for abandonment. (Quote by - Scott Taylor)

Being outdoors in the spring is an enjoyable way to spend time learning about nature. At this time of year, it is common to find young rabbits, birds, raccoons, fawn deer or other wildlife that may appear to be abandoned. Rest assured that in most cases, the young animal probably was not abandoned and the best thing to do is not disturb it. (Quote by - Calvin W. DuBrock)

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