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The thing with Ridley [Scott] is he's been doing this forever, he knows what it is he wants and how to get it. There's absolutely no messing around on set. Having said that, he's very accessible to actors, very open to what you want to do and willing to t. (Quote by - Orlando Bloom)

They don't have the news media set up in Africa that we do in the United States, where televisions are so accessible and newspapers and magazines are able to educate people. (Quote by - Matthew Modine)

The most called-upon prerequisite of a friend is an accessible ear. (Quote by - Maya Angelou)

The growing complexity of science, technology, and organization does not imply either a growing knowledge or a growing need for knowledge in the general population. On the contrary, the increasingly complex processes tend to lead to increasingly simple and easily understood products. The genius of mass production is precisely in its making more products more accessible, both economically and intellectually to more people. (Quote by - Sowell, Thomas)

I've been in sport for 15 years now and I'm actually shocked at the changes. We had all these things, but we couldn't utilize them. They were not accessible to us. They're actually accessible right now. (Quote by - Clara Hughes)

Behind the words of Jesus and the memories about him, there shines forth a self-authenticating portrait of a real person in all his human uniqueness, an impression which is accessible alike to the layman and to the expert, to believer and non-believer. No reader of the gospel story can fail to be impressed by Jesus' humble submission to the will of his God on the one hand, and his mastery of all situations on the other; by his penetrating discernment of human motives and his authoritative demand of radical obedience on the one hand, and his gracious, forgiving acceptance of sinners on the other. There is nothing, either in the Messianic hopes of pre-Christian Judaism or in the later Messianic beliefs of the early Christian Church to account for this portrait. It is characterized by an originality and freshness which is beyond the power of invention. (Quote by - Fuller, Reginald)

I have spent the better part of my adult life insisting that government be open... that government be accessible... and that government be held accountable to people who voted us into office. (Quote by - Roy Barnes)

Real art is one of the most powerful forces in the rise of mankind, and he who renders it accessible to as many people as possible is a benefactor of humanity. (Quote by - Zoltan Kodaly)

This garden will be accessible to everyone, of all ages. Folks who don't have access to gardening now, will have access. (Quote by - John Murphy)

Books are the most mannerly of companions, accessible at all times, in all moods, frankly declaring the author's mind, without offense. (Quote by - Amos Bronson Alcott)

Basically, our goal is to organize the world's information and to make it universally accessible and useful. (Quote by - Larry Page)

This was the biggest impact we could have with the money we have. We're hoping to make the course more accessible. (Quote by - Debbie Moore)

It's a real primal thing, watching someone get hurt. It's funny and accessible. (Quote by - Johnny Knoxville)

We are delighted to be working with PCG to continue to develop professionalism in the IT industry, and making BCS membership more accessible to PCG's IT members enabling them to gain industry-recognised endorsement of their credentials. BCS membership supports career development at every stage, offering a wealth of IT industry information, and access to an unrivalled network of IT professionals to help secure that next job or contract. (Quote by - David Clarke)

We're an ideal political family, as accessible as Disneyland. (Quote by - Maureen Reagan)

Until film is just as easily accessible as a pen or pencil, then it's not completely an art form. In painting you can just pick up a piece of chalk, a stick or whatever. In sculpture you can get a rock. Writing you just need a pencil and paper. (Quote by - Forest Whitaker)

There are certainly laws and elements that make a film more accessible to mainstream audiences. If you've got Tom Cruise as a strongman, I'm sure it would have larger audiences, but it wouldn't have the same substance. (Quote by - Werner Herzog)

The goal of this program is easy access, convenient and accessible for students. (Quote by - Megan O'Connell)

American films are less American every day, because you have to please a world audience. There's less authenticity, so it's more accessible. (Quote by - Ang Lee)

There was a hidden narrative I felt we could get into, It's about an accessible world. Family and relationships are accessible subjects. (Quote by - John Madden)

Doublespeak is a new medium. It's online radio. It's accessible to everyone. We're getting listeners, viewers, people who access the site access to high-powered people around the country, and we're doing it in a format that's never been done before. (Quote by - Peter Slutsky)

Whenever a total eclipse of the sun was visible in an accessible region parties were sent out to observe it. (Quote by - Andrea Solari)

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