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Self-inflicted wounds, you know. It was all just self-inflicted. (Quote by - Billy Donovan)

Before complaining that you are a slave to another, be sure that you are not a slave to self. Look within;..You will find there, perchance, slavish thoughts, slavish desires, and in your daily life and conduct slavish habits. Conquer these; cease to be a slave to self, and no man will have the power to enslave you. (Quote by - James Allen)

Self-discipline is an act of cultivation. It require you to connect today's actions to tomorrow's results. There's a season for sowing a season for reaping. Self-discipline helps you know which is which. (Quote by - Gary Ryan Blair)

Self knowers always dwell in El Dorado; they drink from the fountain of youth, and at all times owners of all they wish to enjoy. (Quote by - Claude M. Bristol)

It really is an insular, self-contained, almost self-perpetuating culture,. (Quote by - Lawrence Lorber)

Seek always for the answer within. Be not influenced by those around you, by their thoughts or their words. (Quote by - Eileen Caddy)

There is only one security, and when you've lost that security, you've lost everything you've got. And that is the security of confidence in yourself; to be, to create, to make any position you want to make for yourself. And when you lose that confidence, you've lost the only security you can have. .. Self-confidence is self-determinism. One's belief in one's ability to determine his own course. As long as one has that, he's got the universe in his pocket. And when he hasn't got that, not all the pearls in China nor all the grain and corn in Iowa can give him security, because that's the only security there is. (Quote by - L. Ron Hubbard)

The evil done by oneself, self-begotten, self-bred, crushes the foolish, as a diamond breaks a precious stone. (Quote by - Friedrich Max Muller)

place where man laughs, sings, picks flowers, chases butterflies and pets birds, makes love with maidens, and plays with children. Here he spontaneously reveals his nature, the base as well as the noble. Here also he buries his sorrows and difficulties and cherishes his ideals and hopes. It is in the garden that men discover themselves. Indeed one discovers not only his real self but also his ideal self?he returns to his youth. Inevitably the garden is made the scene of man's merriment, escapades, romantic abandonment, spiritual awakening or the perfection of his finer self. (Quote by - Confucius)

The courage of exploring myself was nothing compared to the courage of actually doing the EMT course, .. As a writer, the concept of self-revelation is not new. The problem was getting through the depression and anxiety and doing something unheard of for me: becoming an EMT. Writing about self-revelation is gravy. (Quote by - Michael Stern)

Love is an attachment to another self. Humor is a form of self-detachment -- a way of looking at one's existence, one's misfortune, or one's discomfort. If you really love, if you really know how to laugh, the result is the same: you forget yourself. (Quote by - Claude Roy)

This year, Mardi Gras is a shadow of its former self, because its only 1/3rd of the city back, the rest of us are spread around the country such as myself. So it's good that they got together and held the celebration because it's a holiday, although it's not respected nationally, but like I said it's a shadow of its former self. (Quote by - Kevin Kelly)

Self-ruled Taiwan cannot be expected to accept such an affront to the legitimacy of its government and the self-determination of the Taiwanese people. (Quote by - Todd Akin)

Self-interest, or rather self-love, or egoism, has been more plausibly substituted as the basis of morality. (Quote by - Thomas Jefferson)

A person's worth is contingent upon who he is, not upon what he does, or how much he has. The worth of a person, or a thing, or an idea, is in being, not in doing, not in having. (Quote by - Alice Mary Hilton)

I've seen him far more tense. Whenever he has a formal press conference in the East Room or something, he's terrible. I mean, he's really tense and nervous. I thought he was relatively relaxed -- after that confrontation with Helen Thomas [in which] he let his real self show, that is, the self that many of his advisers see in private. [Laughs] He's known to have quite a temper and to cut people off when he disagrees. (Quote by - Larry Sabato)

We must strive for freedom if we strive for self-knowledge. The task of self-knowledge and of further self-development is of such importance and seriousness, it demands such intensity of effort, that to attempt it any old way and amongst other things is impossible. The person who undertakes this task must put it first in his life, which is not so long that he can afford to squander it on trifles. (Quote by - George Gurdjieff)

Devotional singing induces in you a desire for experiencing the truth, to glimpse the beauty that is God, to taste the bliss that is the Self. It encourages man to dive into himself and be genuinely his real Self. (Quote by - Sri Sathya Sai Baba)

Although Western society has emphasized the importance of high self-esteem, the more important thing may be to have self-compassion, the ability to treat oneself kindly in the face of failure, rejection, defeat and other negative events. (Quote by - Mark Leary)

They're selling hormones over the counter now, self-prescribed, self-dosed, no medical monitoring,. (Quote by - William Jarvis)

Convince a man that he is an animal, that his own dignity and self-respect are delusions, that there is no 'beyond' to aspire to, no higher potential self to achieve, and you have a slave. Let a man know he is himself, a spiritual being, that he is capable of the power of choice and has the right to aspire to greater wisdom and you have started him up a higher road. (Quote by - L. Ron Hubbard)

She not only taught dance but self-discipline, self-respect, responsibility and determination, the values that people keep with them forever. (Quote by - Richard Feldman)

Unfortunately, a lot of coaches have grasped the concept of self promotion and Tom never cared about self promotion. It is a mystery with Tom Moore. But the guy has never played politics. . . . Now he's at the stage where it's an age issue. (Quote by - Chris Mortensen)

Somebody who doesn't have a lot of self-confidence, .. Somebody who feels the need to have some kind of pep talk, who's not self-motivated. (Quote by - Joanne Ciulla)

I did it more out of caution than anything. I was the one who self-quarantined. I told the stewards I was scratching everything in the barn and said I was going to self-quarantine until I got back that blood test. (Quote by - Chris Grove)

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