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Oil concerns are making for some caution among the bulls. (Quote by - Hiroaki Kuramochi)

China will exercise special scrutiny and caution, even for items not specifically contained on the control list. (Quote by - Sun Microsystems)

I would caution those who have large estimates for retail sales of this product, particularly in the fourth quarter. The product will launch in late June, so there will be insufficient time for re- sellers to re- order it. (Quote by - Greg Maffei)

From a customer service standpoint I think it's better to err on the side of caution. (Quote by - Dan May)

With his medical history, we're obviously going to err on the side of caution. (Quote by - Mark Mann)

I would caution against portraying any one diplomatic approach as having more likelihood or less likelihood at this point. We continue to press both sides for a meeting. (Quote by - Mike McCurry)

We knew if it went caution free we had a shot to win the race. My hats off to these guys, they put their butts on the line...and we won the race. (Quote by - Jeremy Mayfield)

People must exercise caution and drive carefully. (Quote by - Wayne Minnaar)

I'm living in a state of caution. There are a whole lot less kids playing outside. (Quote by - Chris Black)

There's reason to be hopeful, but I would caution everyone from getting their hopes set too high. I think, if it comes together, great. ... If we have a bunch of big, hairy issues, then it will be a problem. (Quote by - Tony George)

The chief danger in life is that you may take too many precautions. (Quote by - Alfred Adler)

Be extra caution in dealing with anyone who comes to your door asking for work, money or even information. (Quote by - Nick Russo)

We need to have caution, but maybe you can have some expectations. (Quote by - Wu Dawei)

We are still very cautious because not knowing why someone would do something like this, caution is in order. (Quote by - Nora Daludado)

The thing that scares me always the most and the thing I caution our players on is that next week, you go home. You go home for the Big East tournament. And then next time you go home, we pack up the uniforms. And this team is good enough to get to Indianapolis. Will it get to Indianapolis? I have no idea. ... Maybe the first round of the tournament some team gets up, plays us tough and we don't execute. (Quote by - Jim Calhoun)

I think you're going to have a lot of cautions, ... and not all because of the racetrack, [but also] because the guys racing so close in the Chase right now don't want to give an inch. (Quote by - Elliott Sadler)

Caution, not exuberance, should be our fiscal motto. (Quote by - John Chafee)

I hated to see that caution come out inside five to go because I was hooked up with (teammate Kevin Hamlin) we were pushing really good and we were coming to the front. I would have at least liked to have gotten in the top 10, but for my first speedway race for me to come home 12th and my truck in one piece and just a little minor damage on the right side, I'm happy. (Quote by - Timothy Peters)

Bill Keller, the executive editor of The Times, said Ms. Miller had been cautioned by her lawyers not to discuss the substance of her grand jury testimony until Mr. Fitzgerald finished questioning her. We have launched a vigorous reporting effort that I hope will answer outstanding questions about Judy's part in this drama, ... This development may slow things down a little, but we owe our readers as full a story as we can tell, as soon as we can tell it. (Quote by - Bill Keller)

In summary, you could say that it's calm in most places, but they still need to observe great caution. It could be a false calm. (Quote by - Laila Freivalds)

The weight of the evidence of the economic and news factors is not compelling and it's increasing the caution and concern in the market. There is very little reason to be buying the market right now. (Quote by - Dodge Dorland)

I got by him and inched out a nice lead. The cautions started coming at that point, and we just took a risk on some strategy. (Quote by - Jimmie Johnson)

We fear that in a pressure situation he can repeat this action (stabbing). We advise people to exercise caution and contact police if they meet this man. (Quote by - Finn Abrahamsen)

I think people are cautious, but I think caution is different from resistance. Universities are slow to change. ... I think there is an institutional crisis when a new field emerges and comes into its own. (Quote by - Heather Love)

I do urge caution but do not be overly concerned if you see a mountain lion. You are pretty much safe everywhere. If you look at the risk factor you are more likely to be killed driving to a hiking trail than being attacked on a trail. (Quote by - Steve Martarano)

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