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We need to read this with caution, this is largely a reflection of the Chinese New Year distortion, therefore we should not see it as a pick up in inflation. (Quote by - Qu Hongbin)

Use caution. This is still a very dangerous situation. (Quote by - Craig Fugate)

ACCOUNTABILITY, n. The mother of caution. (Quote by - My accountability, bear in mind, Said the Grand Vizier: "Yes, yes," Said the Shah: "I do - - 'tis the only kind Of ability you possess." - - Joram Tate )

He didn't look too good so we chose to err on the side of caution. (Quote by - Vince Neil)

We're happy with it, ... We were really good on long runs, but there were a lot of cautions and wrecks. I was not very good on restarts. I was up to second at one point and fell back to sixth. I got back to fourth and was working on Steve Carlson for third, but we didn't quite have enough laps left to finish the job. (Quote by - Ryan Mathews)

Of all the thirty-six alternatives, running away is best. (Quote by - Chinese Proverb)

All the 'too close to call' announcements are not due to incompetence ... It's caution. (Quote by - Chris Matthews)

Because it was such a big change, out of the blue, my caution is just to say, let's wait a second, ... Maybe we should sit back, digest this number and see what comes of it. (Quote by - Joel Naroff)

There may be some bit of caution since we're trading at record levels, but there's a fair bit of money waiting to go into the market. (Quote by - Martin Angel)

I would caution people not to store gasoline in large quantities, ... It leaves the potential for a fire or even excessive fumes that wouldn't be there at a normal time. (Quote by - Bill Bennett)

The exhibition serves as a poignant caution to us all to remember the base savagery of which human beings are capable, and as a call to arms to ensure that we all act to prevent such horrors. (Quote by - Shashi Tharoor)

We want to err on the side of caution. We're not child psychologists so we don't know if there's a problem, but it may merit further action or intervention. (Quote by - Tim Peters)

We are erring on the side of caution and letting them know what happened. (Quote by - Joyce Goldberg)

A slowdown in GDP could inject a note of caution in copper and the other metals. All of the metals are a down a little bit today. (Quote by - Donald Selkin)

They're showing signs of life, but I would caution investors not to get too swept away. (Quote by - Bill Harding)

I had to do things with caution when I had to deal with this thing. (Quote by - Jacob Zuma)

I always hated distances. She loves it, though. We, and her coaches, have to caution her from overdoing it. I keep telling her there is more to life than cross country but she is the type that wants to be the best at whatever she does. (Quote by - Lynn LaFree)

I thought I was going to get a run on Tony down the back straight, but then the caution came out. I wish I could have gotten a little closer to his bumper, it might have gotten a little more exciting. I wish that last caution hadn't come out, because I think I could have gotten a fender under Tony. (Quote by - Jeff Gordon)

I have been cautioned to talk but be careful not to say anything. I do not consider this a difficult task. (Quote by - Mark Twain)

We were lucky with those caution flags, and I am happy with our finish. My car was well balanced, but not as good as the others were. (Quote by - Dario Franchitti)

The market is operating under a little bit of a caution flag here, with energy prices way too high and a fourth quarter starting to show a slowing earnings trend. (Quote by - Barry Hyman)

But others urged caution. I don't want to raise hopes that a deal is in hand and all that's left is to sign it, ... But in my opinion, there is a good chance to reach a comprehensive final status agreement, a framework deal, in the next few weeks. (Quote by - Yossi Beilin)

We caution investors; one month of stellar job creation does not a trend make. And since the entire Street has diminished economic growth projections for 2005, we have to stick to our guns of slower, not stronger, job creation in coming months. (Quote by - Richard Yamarone)

So it was understandable that Wildcats coach Jay Wright expressed much caution in the wake of Fraser's return to practice on Monday. It was his first workout since Oct. 22, when he had his left knee scoped after experiencing swelling following Villanova's second practice. He looked real strong, ... Now we have to be concerned with how his knee responds after every practice. We're going to take it very, very slow. (Quote by - Jay Wright)

I'd rather err on the side of caution. He says he feels great. (Quote by - Brent Kemnitz)

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