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You don't know if this will be the shareholders' choice, or a political choice. For the steel industry, this is Microsoft buying Apple. (Quote by - Michelle Applebaum)

You can't come in as a seventh-round draft choice, or any kind of draft choice, never practice and expect to make this football team. It's too bad, but he's got to get himself back out here in a hurry. (Quote by - Jon Gruden)

I certainly will support all efforts to win. We have no choice, . . But I think we've put ourselves in a position where we've made a choice where everything is to lose and very little to gain. (Quote by - Jack Reed)

Last season, we had two new musicals, and the rest of the season was partly determined by the choices that were available, and there were very few choices of shows going out on the road for us to choose from. My hope is that, season to season, you will see the best options that we have to produce on that stage, whether we are presenting shows that are going on the road post-Broadway or some pre-Broadway shows. (Quote by - Michael Ritchie)

What the Democrats are trying to do is make this a referendum about Bush. What we are saying is, 'Look, this is about a choice.' The strategy is to go out and define what this choice is going to be about and that's what you are beginning to see. (Quote by - David Winston)

Mr Mugabe now has a choice: either he calls of the thugs, allows the media to operate freely, and lets the population of Zimbabwe make a democratic choice, or he and his key ministers will pay the price. (Quote by - Jack Straw)

If you have the choice between enjoying the weather and doing your tax return, it's not a hard choice. (Quote by - Eric Tyson)

They like big, comfortable, heavy inefficient cars to drive around in. That's fine. That's their choice. But they should realize the consequence of that choice and the consequence is higher prices. (Quote by - Robin West)

The point here is about choice. In the past, game consoles didn't offer much choice. You got what they said you got. (Quote by - Robbie Bach)

All we're saying is, let small business have a choice. Right now they barely have one or two choices in the small-group market. Let employers choose what they think is best. (Quote by - Amanda Austin)

When you have to make a choice and don't make it, that is in itself a choice. (Quote by - William James)

Athletics are a funny thing. As players, you have choices. We made a choice (Saturday), last night we didn't. (Quote by - Mike Hultz)

Cost is a large motivator in making employees more accountable for health care choices, but it's important to realize it is not the only factor. Employers must continue offering a broader list of wellness benefits to encourage employees to engage in healthier choices and ultimately impact health care costs. (Quote by - Jerry Ripperger)

I would hope it wouldn't turn out that way. I would hope that the city would welcome me with open arms. I know the fans want him to come here. But it's not the fans' choice. It's the choice of the program and the coaches. (Quote by - Reggie Bush)

I don't look back and say I made the wrong choice. I won't ever do that. I made that choice and I've stuck to it and I definitely think I made the right choice. (Quote by - Doug Waechter)

The picture is not a documentary, . . It's a drama that has to be crafted. Reality is not art. You have to make choices when you're trying to make something work. And the choices we make I think are accurate. There aren't any lies in it. There are assumptions made that are critical and necessary. (Quote by - Mark Rydell)

We need to stop viewing them as a choice. The patients feel guilty; the providers tell them things like they should just eat; parents are blamed; the insurance companies won't fund treatment because they think it's a choice. It's held us back for decades. (Quote by - Cynthia Bulik)

The assumption is that if choice is good, more choice is better. That's not necessarily true. (Quote by - Barry Schwartz)

From a personnel standpoint, there is not a tremendous amount of options, . . We think the guys who are out there have a chance for us to get a good return. We are not making good choices. Some of them have been close choices, but they get called, so that's on us. (Quote by - Romeo Crennel)

If you know that your husband or father or relative was working there, and you've come to terms with the idea that they're dead and they're not going to be recovered, then you can make the choice -- and it's your choice -- to apply for the death certificate. (Quote by - Rudy Giuliani)

I do believe this is a new entitlement program. It doesn't offer parents any new choice; it simply says who will pay for that choice. (Quote by - Pat Rusk)

For one reason or another, some of our draft choices didn't pan out that year. But some of these other free-agent guys did. In some cases, we kept the free agents over the draft choices. We could have kept the draft picks just to save face. But we really liked a lot of these guys, and they've helped us. (Quote by - Tom Heckert)

Choices are what makes life what it is to you,they Make or Break U--NO In BETWENS--U either get it Good or get it Bad but U keep moving.". (Quote by - Sabrina Grijalva)

What we call the secret of happiness is no more a secret than our willingness to choose life. (Quote by - Leo Buscaglia)

He's trying to make healthy choices for students. He's one of the first to say we're not going to give unhealthy food choices. (Quote by - Jerry House)

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