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We feel more comfortable playing them, because we know we can beat them, because we have. I feel comfortable going on the road with this team too. (Quote by - Jeff Steele)

Be who you are. If you're comfortable leading, you're comfortable. And if you're not, it's OK. (Quote by - Joe Girardi)

I never wanted them to get comfortable. But, as it turned out, we weren't entirely comfortable, either. (Quote by - Doc Scheppler)

I just think as the game went on, you could see our defense get a little more comfortable and a little more comfortable. (Quote by - Roger Ouellette)

When I was younger, I would wake up 15 times the night before an event. But I think it's a little bit of a comfort level, too. I'm comfortable with how I'm skiing and how we are doing right now. But I'm definitely really excited about tomorrow, and it will probably be hard to get to sleep tonight. (Quote by - Johnny Spillane)

I was really nervous to start. I made a few mistakes. I eventually got more comfortable as we played. Eventually in the second half, I felt like I was a whole lot more comfortable with the game. (Quote by - Michael Shelton)

Once it happened, I had a better practice in the afternoon. I'm growing more and more comfortable as the weeks have progressed. It was probably my most comfortable practice. I knew exactly what I was doing special teams, so I went after it. It felt like a weight was lifted off of my shoulders. (Quote by - Robert Rodriguez)

I'm very comfortable with that regardless of who's out there. If they can get to know the game plan, get to know their defensive scheme, they can predict what they're going to do, so I feel comfortable with that. (Quote by - Steve McNair)

New Orleans was very comfortable with the risk-reward, based on his rehabilitation from the injury. Miami didn't have that same level of comfort, so New Orleans made a lot of sense for us. (Quote by - Tom Condon)

I think it's a huge advantage because our comfort level is good at home. We play in front of our own crowd so the excitement level is there. The kids' families are all here so it's just a comfortable place, they don't need any added any motivation when their at home. (Quote by - Jennifer Rizzotti)

First and foremost younger consumers are just more comfortable enacting more intense activity online that includes financial services activity. They're just more comfortable clicking a mouse than writing a check. (Quote by - Bruce Cundiff)

They've come along since the beginning of practice. You can tell Walter is starting to feel a little more comfortable with his role. David, he's starting to feel a little more comfortable. They are going to have to step up and do a little bit more. (Quote by - Taurean Green)

I think it has been blown out of proportion that the grass was meant to make them uncomfortable. It was all about our being comfortable. It's the surface Andy is most comfortable on and I think he's the second best grass court player in the world. (Quote by - James Blake)

What we both appreciate in a restaurant is a comfortable atmosphere, and we couldn't imagine a more comfortable atmosphere than an old house. (Quote by - Megan Knode)

We've got a year under our belts with the Charger. We're finally starting to get somewhat comfortable with it. We're not totally comfortable. (Quote by - Kenny Francis)

Aim at love, and you will always succeed. Aim at success, and you will, most likely, end up looking at yourself on a mirror. Aim at comfort, and you will miss the passion of service, the intensity of purpose, and the honor of knowing you lived the only LIFE you were given on this earth, for something greater than yourself. (Quote by - harold j. duarte-bernhardt)

I don't mind it.The more you play, the more you get comfortable. When I played [third base] in winter ball [in 2003], I got real comfortable there. Hopefully, if that's what it takes, that will push me over the edge and give me the extra chance I need to make the team. (Quote by - Corey Hart)

If you don't feel comfortable with the Red Cross, anything that you feel comfortable sending money to -- that you know is going to get to the hurricane victims -- send money. Because that's what you can do to help. And a lot of prayers. Lots of prayers. (Quote by - Tim McGraw)

Just being here with the guys and working with Mo makes you feel comfortable, and comfortable is half the battle,. (Quote by - Chris Webber)

Here's a guy who comforted us for 30 years -- and boy, we're in a world now that needs all the comfort it can get. (Quote by - Bill Zehme)

I would definitely not feel comfortable. I'd have an open mind, but I wouldn't be comfortable. (Quote by - Chuck Caldwell)

Remember, we all stumble,every one of us. Thats why it is a comfort to go hand in hand!. (Quote by - Nanda Kumar)

We're not exaggerating at all, it's definitely a different feeling. It's a little more comfortable. Things were more intense last year. Guys seem more comfortable about what they're doing on a day-to-day basis. It's a more relaxed atmosphere. It makes things easier to operate. (Quote by - Carl Crawford)

The first would be odor reduction. Odor is a comfort issue. We describe this as a nuisance odor. People react to odors differently.It doesn't necessarily mean there's a health effect but it does affect comfort within the building. (Quote by - Robert Rottersman)

I know there is strength in the differences between us. I know there is comfort where we overlap. (Quote by - Ani Difranco)

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