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W ve had some tough times, but w ve hung in there. (Quote by - Paul Allen)

The truth shall make you free. (Quote by - John)

If you aren't going all the way, why go at all? (Quote by - Joe Namath)

The wonderful thing about saints is that they were human. They lost their tempers, got hungry, scolded God, were egotistical or impatient in their turns, made mistakes and regretted them. Still they went on doggedly blundering toward heaven. (Quote by - Phyllis McGinley)

If you are truly flexible and go until. there is really very little you can't accomplish in your lifetime. (Quote by - Anthony Robbin)

Formulate and stamp indelibly on your mind a mental picture of yourself as succeeding. Hold this picture tenaciously. Never permit it to fade. Your mind will seek to develop the picture. (Quote by - Norman Vincent Peale)

I'm convinced that we can write and live our own scripts more than most people will acknowledge. I also know the price that must be paid. It's a real struggle to do it. It requires visualization and affirmation. It involves living a life of integrity, starting with making and keeping promises, until the whole human personality the senses, the thinking, the feeling, and the intuition are ultimately integrated and harmonized. (Quote by - Stephen Covey)

Love me, please, I love you; I can bear to be your friend. So ask of me anything ... I am not a tentative person. Whatever I do, I give up my whole self to it. (Quote by - Edna Saint Vincent Millay)

Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes. but no plans. (Quote by - Peter Drucker)

The person who makes a success of living is the one who sees his goal steadily and aims for it unswervingly. That is dedication. (Quote by - Cecil B. DeMille)

You're never beaten until you admit it. (Quote by - George S. Patton)

Committing yourself is a way of finding out who you are. A man finds his identity by identifying. (Quote by - Robert Terwilliger)

You may have a fresh start any moment you choose, for this thing that we call "failure" is not the falling down, but the staying down. (Quote by - Mary Pickford)

I was at the end of my tether when my first book was published. For eight years I didn't make a penny, I worked so hard, didn't drink, didn't enjoy life. (Quote by - Orhan Pamuk)

The fear of making permanent commitments can change the mutual love of husband and wife into two loves of self - two loves existing side by side, until they end in separation. (Quote by - Pope John Paul II)

Do all the good you can By all the means you can In all the ways you can In all the places you can At all the times you can To all the people you can As long as ever you can(Quote by - John Wesley)

Always dream and shoot higher than you know how to. Don't bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself. (Quote by - William Faulkner)

It is necesary to the happiness of man that he be mentally faithful to himself. (Quote by - Thomas Paine)

You look for stars. You look for the makeup of artists who can have long lasting careers and who could be headliners. (Quote by - Clive Davi)

The dedicated life is the life worth living. (Quote by - Annie Dillard)

The irony of commitment is that it's deeply liberating in work, in play, in love. (part of a quote from The Way I See It #76, Starbucks Coffee)

Quote by - Anne Morri)

Whatever you do, don't do it halfway. (Quote by - Bob Beamon)

The middle of the road is where the white line is, and that's the worst place to drive. (Quote by - Robert Frost)

The men who have succeeded are men who have chosen one line and stuck to it. (Quote by - Andrew Carnegie)

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