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He that is well paid is well satisfied. (Quote by - William Shakespeare)

Content is a word unknown to life; it is also a word unknown to man. (Quote by - John Fowles)

You can think of this as pre-step to content delivery; before you deliver content, you need to get the content there intelligently and with control. (Quote by - Robert Ha)

Sometimes in order to get to where you need to go, you need to think. You just need to sit and think about absolutely nothing. And through that nothingness your mind will wander. It will wander then wonder, and then maybe, just maybe, you will be content. (Quote by - Leah Kahan)

Most people would rather be certain they're miserable, than risk being happy. (Quote by - Robert Anthony)

On demand digital delivery is a fast and convenient way for deadline-driven journalists to receive content. Wireless technologies' daily impact on us all is exploding, and Bluetooth is poised to become a reporter's content choice by making high-quality media content available online. (Quote by - Shoba Purushothaman)

The mindset needs to shift from that of a mass producer and publisher to a much more potent mix of high-quality niche content, and also as a mass aggregator of third-party content. (Quote by - Ashley Highfield)

If you are content, you have enough to live comfortably. (Quote by - Plautus)

It is the skill of money that makes one content and happy; not how much money one has!. (Quote by - Timothy John Waterhouse)

Vertical search takes search a step further by enabling individuals to easily one-stop search for and find specialized content germane to a specific industry vertical, such as jobs, apartments and real estate, across multiple sites and content sources. New innovations in vertical search enable consumers to find the content they need faster and more efficiently than ever before. (Quote by - Jason Goldberg)

Innovation in Intervention: i2 Summit 2006 offers unsurpassed evidence-based content, presented by leaders in interventional cardiology. Live satellite transmissions, computer-based learning and simulation training make the content innovative and interactive. (Quote by - William O'Neill)

Content providers want to know their content will be secure. HD-DVD is sending the opposite message. (Quote by - Taro Takamine)

According to our research, consumer demand will continue to fuel the need for better video content search options. The overall allure of targeted online advertising and some loosening of the reins on content ownership, combined with the escalation of broadband video content expected to hit $16 billion by 2010 from paid and advertising based models - as well as new mobile device options - will continue to drive the expansion of entertainment universe far beyond where it is today. Consumers need a better way to filter through all the available content to find exactly what they want to watch, when they want to watch it. (Quote by - Mike Wolf)

Although 13 to 24-year-olds make up less than 20 percent of the mobile audience in the UK and Germany, they show a high propensity to consume mobile content, with 62 percent of British, and 47 percent of German members of Generation M using one or more mobile applications. But the appeal of mobile content extends beyond youth, as the majority of mobile content consumers are over 25. The challenge the mobile content industry faces is to similarly engage a higher percentage of older consumers. (Quote by - Paul Goode)

Contentment is not something to be gained by possession. You can not work simply at being content, but must work at making a difference. True contentment is gained by the difference you make in the lives of others. (Quote by - Jill Pendley)

We plan to continue to build our newly unveiled streaming-content catalogue, with the goal of having some sort of content produced and posted by each school, on at least a weekly basis. This means installing additional streaming servers, as well as a good deal of training and coordination with individual school sites while they learn to build digital video content. (Quote by - Jim Klein)

The demand for Japanese entertainment content by European audiences is growing substantially and we are pleased to partner with Copyright Promotions Licensing Group to bring exposure and mainstream acceptance of this genre to diverse demographic groups throughout Europe. We believe that our partnership with CPLG, with their expertise in publishing, merchandising and promotions across Europe, coupled with our access to the best content and our experience in the U.S. and Japanese markets, will assure the success of this new venture. (Quote by - Daniel Marks)

Nothing contributes more to a person's peace of mind than having no opinions at all. (Quote by - G. C. Lichtenberg)

With less than 10 people on the payroll, they had millions of users generating content, millions of users organizing that content for them, tens of thousands of users distributing that across the Internet, and thousands of people not on the payroll actually building the thing. That's a neat trick. If we could do that same thing with Yahoo, and take our half-billion user base and achieve the same kind of effect, we knew we were on to something. (Quote by - Bradley Horowitz)

As the definitive consumer brand for everything about television, TV Guide has created a uniquely powerful search experience supported by our unmatched database of television content, and supplemented by video content from some of the leading cable and broadcast networks. TV Guide.com already offers the deepest, highest quality television information, listings, news and reviews. With the launch of this product, TV Guide.com has been transformed into a state-of-the-art Web destination for integrated video and editorial content. (Quote by - Rich Cusick)

It's egotistical to think we're the only ones providing content that's valuable. This is an opportunity for people with powerful brands to pull together content from editors, vendors, customers and your user base to deploy and enhance vertical search, which is something the general search engines can't do. (Quote by - Eric Shanfelt)

We're always looking at the best way to get content out to fans and this year the big change is that we have to deliver content to fans on their times. This [initiative] is very much the tip of the iceberg. We'll continue to look at devices when they come out to see if they're something we want to put our content in. (Quote by - Steve Grimes)

It's like the chicken and the egg scenario. If you have content, then you have subscribers. And if you have a lot of subscribers then you have a lot of content .. so if we wait longer, we will see more content, more devices, and more subscribers. (Quote by - Sandra Ng)

Healthcare professionals need to stay abreast of the latest trends, theories, and information. That's why content currency is so important. With Ovid, they have a single, completely integrated source for up-to-date information to enhance their work. Our collaboration with Blackwell is a complementary one. The additional journals add important depth and breadth to our content repository. And we're happy to leverage the Ovid platform and our global sales and distribution to support Blackwell in its efforts to expand the reach of its valuable content. (Quote by - Gary Foster)

If you can look back on your life with contentment, you have one of man's most precious gifts -- a selective memory. (Quote by - Jim Fiebig)

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