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I think of country as being ducks and clutter. Country today is more about today's lifestyles. We've taken country off our business cards and everything. (Quote by - Debbie Leonard)

There are a lot of countries flying in just to watch that meet. It'll be a first big step to it. You're going to put athletes together from different countries. Then you're going to be able to compare differently designed routines. Then you're going to see judges from different countries sit down together and compare. (Quote by - Ron Brant)

Country music is derived from the everyday life of rural people and their heartfelt thoughts on love, family, faith, working hard, ambition, morals, and political views. (Quote by - Anita McCrary)

Let it be borne on the flag under which we rally in every exigency, that we have one country, one constitution, one destiny. (Quote by - Daniel Webster)

I now remember the prison cell as being tiny and cold instead of a window of opportunity and a source of pride as I once did. All I can do now is stand-by and watch the vultures, ravens, crows and magpies pick the bones of a once magnificent country clean. (Quote by - Bobby W. Miller)

My intention with 'Bobby' is not to make a political picture, although the 1968 California primary figures prominently in the story. The film is about being at critical mass -- critical mass in relationships or between race, and the hotel and the characters under its roof serve as a microcosm for what was happening in the country during that time. The entire country was experiencing critical mass. Culturally, we all unraveled after that tragic night on June 5. And now, 37 years later, our country has reached critical mass once again. (Quote by - Emilio Estevez)

We are..looking into the balance of trade between our two countries and to encourage more investment by Kenyans to their country and by Chinese to our country. (Quote by - Alfred Mutua)

Rumsfeld said victory would best come as part of a military coalition led by the United States. ..Iraq should be a single country and not broken up into pieces, .. .. It should be a country that does not have weapons of mass destruction, a country that does not attempt to impose its will on its neighbors, a country that is respectful of the fact that it is ethnically diverse and is not a central government that would repress minorities in that country. (Quote by - Donald Rumsfeld)

When I think about Great American Country's decision to come to Nashville, I see a much bigger picture, .. I see the picture this network paints of the country music industry, our industry, and of Nashville in 40 million homes across America. Great America Country is a great addition to Nashville. (Quote by - Bill Purcell)

New Zealand is a beautiful country. But there are more sheep and cows than people. (Quote by - Allan Tibby)

Do you believe that your country is the best in the world, your religion the only true explanation of life, and your values the only ones that are virtuous? Or do you think that mankind is just egocentric?. (Quote by - D. Holmes)

One account, in J. Henry Cartland's Ten Years at Pemaquid, .. came over to this country with the view of settling here, but left his wife in the old country, until he could first make himself a little acquainted with the new country, and provide a suitable place for his family. Though he escaped from the wreck unhurt, his mind was deeply affected by his narrow escape, and he wrote to his wife such a doleful account of the storm and shipwreck that she never could be persuaded to undertake the voyage, even to join her husband. And he was too timid to risk himself again on the stormy Atlantic, they remained separated the rest of their lives. (Quote by - John Bailey)

Sri Lanka is our country. Our culture, our race, our people. Sometimes we forget this, forget that greatness can also be achieved in our Motherland. Our Motherland, what it means to us and how we can make it better. We chase that elusive dream, the white picket fenced house, which is not ours, some white-man in the west goes to sleep and wakes up thinking about it. And we foolishly dream his dream. When can we ever shred the noose of our colonial masters?. (Quote by - Dhammika Dharmawardhane)

There are people saying Venezuela is a dictatorship country; the funny thing is that they say it on public media of all kind, on Venezuela's territory land, and they keep saying it for long time without getting arrested by any form of secret police, and even so there is people who believe they are saying the truth. The irony of this is so intense, it blows my mind. (Quote by - Jairo Fern ndez)

Our country is the world--our countrymen are mankind. (Quote by - William Lloyd Garrison)

On the country has gathered the idea of a natural way of life: of peace, innocence, and simple virtue. On the city has gathered the idea of an achieved centre of learning, communication, light. Powerful hostile associations have also developed: on the city as a place of noise, worldliness and ambition; on the country as a place of backwardness, ignorance, limitation. A contrast between country and city, as fundamental ways of life, reaches back into classical times. (Quote by - Raymond Williams)

Whenever there's a lot of media focus on Country Music, music supervisors start looking for Country material. Increased media attention creates a greater awareness of Country Music as a genre in Hollywood. (Quote by - Alan Brewer)

Our relationship with India is not related with Pakistan. Both the countries are friendly countries with great ties. The relationship between us and India is not affected with regard to any other country. (Quote by - King Abdullah)

The Unites States is the largest developed country. Canada enjoys a flourishing economy and advanced technology. Mexico is an important developing country. China attaches great importance to the friendly cooperation with the three countries,. (Quote by - Li Zhaoxing)

In Tokyo, Japanese officials are calling ambassadors of countries which voted against or in abstention the resolution on Nov. 17 and persuade them to vote yes this time. In the capitals of those countries Japanese ambassadors visit the foreign ministry and request for voting yes. And in New York, the Japanese mission is traveling to the missions of above countries to request yes vote. (Quote by - Choe Myong Nam)

The status quo of a country will be sound when its people believe that the end result of hypocrisy is more disastrous than that of true justice for all. (Quote by - Bobby W. Miller)

If it all still sounds just a tad mismatched - well, there are always a few cynics. Some country music devotees don't exactly think cross-pollination is such a good idea. New York's too good for country? Ha! More like country's too good for New York. There are people in this genre who are extremely territorial, .. I can't quite put my finger on who that group is made up of. But it's not the purists. I'm a purist. I'm a die-hard country music person. (Quote by - Lee Ann Womack)

Currently, Taiwan has an intake of 320,000 foreign workers from Southeast Asian countries. The Pacific island countries are relatively small and have very low populations. If we introduce, say, 500 workers from each of these countries, I think this number can easily be absorbed by Taiwan's market and in the mean time, it will significantly benefit our small Pacific allies. (Quote by - Donald Lee)

These hotspots (other than the United States and Japan) also tend to be countries where laws and law enforcement lag behind what is found in Western-style democracies. Countries around the world are drafting stronger laws, .. But hackers will find the weakest link, the country with no laws. (Quote by - Christopher Painter)

Absent a dictator, absent the Saddam Hussein regime, our goal would be first to have a single country, not have a country broken up into pieces, it would be to see that it would be a country without weapons of mass destruction, a country that did not try to impose its will upon its neighbors and it was a country that was respectful of the rights of minorities and the ethnic groups that exist in the country,. (Quote by - Donald Rumsfeld)

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