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It all starts with a commitment to get it right in the eyes of our native advisers and native communities, .. We want to present the material in a way that connects to people and helps them understand native cultures, builds cultural sensitivity, builds cultural awareness and makes them want to go beyond what they've seen. (Quote by - Frank Goodyear)

In the transmission of human culture, people always attempt to replicate, to pass on to the next generation the skills and values of the parents, but the attempt always fails because cultural transmission is geared to learning, not DNA. (Quote by - Gregory Bateson)

Culture is the widening of the mind and of the spirit. (Quote by - Jawaharlal Nehru)

I've never understood why artists, who so often condescend to the cliches of their own culture, are so eager to embrace the cliches of cultures they know nothing about. (Quote by - Brad Holland)

Video game culture is youth culture and so is music. With our unique network of more than 500 game centers, we offer a direct link to a viral community of young people who are equally passionate about music and interactive entertainment. (Quote by - Mark Nielsen)

The topic will allow speakers and guests to explore two aspects of Southern culture, blues music and religion, that have historically crossed paths and remain a vital part of the curriculum at the Center for the Study of Southern Culture. (Quote by - Mark Camarigg)

Our attitude toward our own culture has recently been characterized by two qualities, braggadocio and petulance. Braggadocio -- empty boasting of American power, American virtue, American know-how -- has dominated our foreign relations now for some decades. Here at home -- within the family, so to speak -- our attitude to our culture expresses a superficially different spirit, the spirit of petulance. Never before, perhaps, has a culture been so fragmented into groups, each full of its own virtue, each annoyed and irritated at the others. (Quote by - Daniel J. Boorstin)

The workshop talks about cultural diversity, cultural differences and the differences and similarities between what we're taught as children. (Quote by - Leslie James)

We are so glad so many people are interested and would like to perform Chinese culture. I like the diversity and open-mindedness and cultural interaction on campus. I've enjoyed the whole process of preparation. We've made it very interesting and creative. Hopefully people will come and celebrate our culture and make friends with the Chinese. (Quote by - Guo Yan)

Culture and, within culture, music are the best and most fascinating thing that the German capital has to offer internationally. It is putting that at risk. (Quote by - Simon Rattle)

This is what Baylor is all about, .. This is 2012 and it implements faculty expertise and it allows students to experience international culture, not only that, but a culture within a culture. (Quote by - David Garrett)

We were looking for a unique cultural experience for the kids, a soccer culture, someplace where soccer is it, and soccer is definitely it in Italy. (Quote by - Wayne Quinlan)

Culture of the mind must be subservient to the heart. (Quote by - Mahatma Gandhi)

But all these are on a civil level and spontaneous, the work of mavericks. Such civil culture is often regarded as sub-mainstream, sub-culture, wild and sometimes dangerous so it is pushed aside instead of getting adequate approval. (Quote by - Cui Zi'en)

It's that age-old debate of whether movies reflect the culture or whether they shape the culture. I don't know the answer. (Quote by - Michael Taylor)

The biggest collapse is the culture of lies and the culture of the media's glorifying regimes. (Quote by - Abdel Rahman)

Sri Lanka is our country. Our culture, our race, our people. Sometimes we forget this, forget that greatness can also be achieved in our Motherland. Our Motherland, what it means to us and how we can make it better. We chase that elusive dream, the white picket fenced house, which is not ours, some white-man in the west goes to sleep and wakes up thinking about it. And we foolishly dream his dream. When can we ever shred the noose of our colonial masters?. (Quote by - Dhammika Dharmawardhane)

This is about respect for our culture. The New Year is the most important festival in our culture, and that needs to be acknowledged. (Quote by - Henry Lau)

A lot of times those chiefs are people's impressions of what our culture looks like. They are looking for a glimpse into Cherokee culture .. I would like for the chiefs to be ambassadors and represent our culture better, with historical Cherokee clothing. (Quote by - Paula Nelson)

Culture is one thing and varnish is another. (Quote by - Ralph Waldo Emerson)

That is true culture which helps us to work for the social betterment of all. (Quote by - Henry Ward Beecher)

The idea of the festival is to celebrate our culture and our relationship with the natural world and examine how this has influenced our art, music, dance and history over the years. This free festival is a way to celebrate spring, our culture and the many resources of this region. (Quote by - Eriks Janelsins)

I don't think people should look for much to be different. It's a culture that started many, many years ago. It's a culture familiar to me since I joined the company, now almost 32 years ago. (Quote by - Rex Tillerson)

What the terrorists have done has caused us to take an assessment of what's important, .. I have been concerned for too long about a culture that says if it feels good just go ahead and do it. I believe that this nation is strong enough, and focused enough, and dedicated enough to usher in a culture that says each of us is responsible for the decisions we make in life. (Quote by - Laura Bush)

In the sense that mainstream culture is moving toward our end of culture, that may be the case. The Kimmel Center may call us about a performer. What we love and what we present does not change. We're still looking for garage bands in Prague. We're looking for wacky stuff all over the world. The only difference is now I can stay in a hotel. (Quote by - Nick Stuccio)

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