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He's got the middle of the order guys behind him. Plate discipline and what you swing at is extremely important at the major-league level. For him to become a great hitter like people think he can be, he's going to have to learn to not offer at pitches around (but not in) the zone. This type of role will help him do that and understand that. (Quote by - Bill Geivett)

The surest test of discipline is its absence. (Quote by - Clara Barton)

The hope of a secure and livable world lies with disciplined nonconformists who are dedicated to justice, peace and brotherhood. (Quote by - Martin Luther King Jr.)

It is my intent to discipline our players as if they were my own sons, my own flesh and blood. I believe this is the appropriate disciplinary action for the facts as we know them to be. (Quote by - Sylvester Croom)

Cornell is a very disciplined and strong defensive team. They're a team and a program that knows how to win. (Quote by - Ted Donato)

They're attracted to the discipline and the focus and the behavior involved, but they ask for all that without the fighting end of it. They don't understand that the fighting part is the beginning of it. (Quote by - Walter Fricke)

We are now beginning to see the fruits of the sacrifice it has taken to maintain discipline and achieve sustained economic growth,. (Quote by - Alejandro Toledo)

We are investigating the situation. We'll make an announcement when it's complete and levy additional discipline if warranted. (Quote by - Chris McCloskey)

We think any discipline is unwarranted given the facts and circumstances as we understand them. (Quote by - Bill McCorriston)

There is a certain combination of anarchy and discipline in the way I work. (Quote by - Robert de Niro)

A man who sees action in inaction and inaction in action has understanding among men and discipline in all action he performs. (Quote by - Bhagavad Gita)

I think the 50mm lens is an extremely good discipline lens; it requires you to see in a more refined way, not just tighter. (Quote by - William Albert Allard)

Returning is going to be really weird, .. I'm used to discipline, and school is not really a place were you get discipline. (Quote by - Christine Cox)

When mental energy is allowed to follow the line of least resistance and to fall into easy channels, it is called weakness. (Quote by - James Allen)

There was a real merging of disciplines. (Quote by - Darrin Morrison)

History as a discipline can be characterized as having a collective forgetfulness about women. (Quote by - Clarice Stasz Stoll)

They have been playing great down the stretch. They are disciplined, they are hungry, and they want to win. I just can't say enough about them. They are a great group of kids. They keep working and working every day, they bust their tails in practice. It's a tribute to them. (Quote by - Bill Clifford)

The secret of discipline is motivation. When a man is sufficiently motivated, discipline will take care of itself. (Quote by - Sir Alexander Paterson)

Discipline trains you to put up with disappointments, every rose has a thorn. (Quote by - Sri Sathya Sai Baba)

Simulated disorder postulates perfect discipline; simulated fear postulates courage; simulated weakness postulates strength. (Quote by - Lao Tzu)

We were very disciplined at the plate. They made a lot of errors, but we put the ball in play. (Quote by - Dave Martinez)

When chanting, austere meditation and self-discipline become your protectors, then the lotus blossoms forth, and the honey trickles out. (Quote by - Sri Guru Granth Sahib)

To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe. (Quote by - Anatole France)

Discipline is not a nasty word. (Quote by - Pat Riley)

Without the True Guru, understanding is not obtained. Meditation, penance and austere self-discipline are found by surrendering to the True Guru's Will. (Quote by - Sri Guru Granth Sahib)

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