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If you believe in evolution you can trace all of our lower back problems to the time when the first hominid stood erect. (Quote by - Dr. Hugo A. Keim)

We told the computer program what performance the antenna should have, and the computer simulated evolution, keeping the best antenna designs that approached what we asked for. Eventually, it zeroed in on something that met the desired specifications for the mission. (Quote by - Jason Lohn)

Coolidge is a better example of evolution than either Bryan or Darrow, for he knows when not to talk, which is the biggest asset the monkey possesses over the human. (Quote by - Will Rogers)

Everything we know in biology agrees with Darwin's theory of evolution in a broad sense, and the theory is tested probably 1000 times a day in various laboratories without anyone going out to test it. They (the American-funded movement to foist intelligent design teaching onto science teachers in Australia) really want a science teacher who may well be atheistic anyway, introducing the concept of God into science. It's a ridiculous idea and has no place in science teaching. (Quote by - Peter Doherty)

All the ills from which America suffers can be traced back to the teaching of evolution. It would be better to destroy every other book ever written, and save just the first three verses of Genesis. (Quote by - William Jennings Bryan)

A human body is associated with six stages of transformation, birth, growth, change, evolution, death and destruction. (Quote by - Sri Sathya Sai Baba)

It's the next step in the evolution to bring about an improved shopping experience for our customers. (Quote by - Gary Rhodes)

We are looking at the very beginning of dinosaur evolution. (Quote by - Robert Reisz)

It's very significant for the students of Kansas. Instead of just the evidence that supports evolution, they're going to see all sides. (Quote by - Casey Luskin)

Digital brand integration is part of the evolution of product placement. It's simply another tool marketers use to get products integrated into shows. If you can put it in a package, we can put it in a show. (Quote by - David Brenner)

The NBA is poised to continue its evolution from an urban basketball league to a global entertainment company. (Quote by - Rick Horrow)

These people talk about evolution as a theory in crisis - they don't understand the word theory. In layman's terms a theory is just a guess or something unproven, but in science a theory implies something that has been proven and generally accepted as true. (Quote by - Alan Munro)

Evolution made civilization steward of this planet. A hundred thousand years later, the steward stood before evolution not helper but destroyer, not healer but parasite. So evolution withdrew its gift, passed civilization by, rescued the planet from intelligence and handed it to love. (Quote by - Richard Bach)

My opinion is if you are going to teach evolution, then you have to teach creationism. Being a Christian, you ought to teach creationism. My opinion is that is fact. (Quote by - Stephen Murphy)

The board will continue to watch the evolution of this medium. (Quote by - Sig Gissler)

It's the old idea that the process of evolution is some push in the direction of greater complexity--in particular greater intellectual complexity. In one twig of the tree of life, namely ours, having a big brain happened to have advantages. But that's just what worked for a particular species of primate 5 to 7 million years ago. (Quote by - Steven Pinker)

If our scientists are able to contribute to the explanation of the mysteries of planetary evolution, and the reasons for the great differences between Venus and Earth, I will feel my hopes were fulfilled. (Quote by - Don McCoy)

That just continues to show the evolution of this team. As a team, we're always trying to go to the next level and this is just a natural progression. Our next goal is to win a playoff series and then we'll go from there. (Quote by - Greg Johnson)

We want people to understand that we're not just an organization about creation and evolution; we're not just talking about the age of the Earth and fossils -- of course we talk about those things. But we're Christians -- and as Christians, we wanted to show love to them. (Quote by - Ken Ham)

It will be a slow evolution. Dividends are a long-term investor's focus and for folks that are more short-term oriented it's not essential. And let's face it. A lot of tech investors tend to be shorter-term investors than average investors. (Quote by - James Denney)

The last decade of Internet evolution has been marked by innovation. That innovation has been a consequence of the open and neutral access that the Internet has afforded up until now. (Quote by - Vint Cerf)

The theory of evolution by cumulative natural selection is the only theory we know of that is in principle capable of explaining the existence of organized complexity. (Quote by - Richard Dawkins)

The Lord let the house of a brute to the soul of a man, And the man said, "Am I your debtor?" And the Lord--"Not yet: but make it as clean as you can, And then I will let you a better." (Quote by - Lord Alfred Tennyson)

The segregation of the chairman and CEO roles is a natural evolution of the executive management team as the company grows, .. I look forward to assisting the company in its growth as full-time chairman. (Quote by - George Bell)

Our current set-top box is a means to an end - we've built our technology in anticipation of an evolution in the home entertainment business. Some time in 2007 we think a file ownership model, not unlike that of the music business today, will be introduced by some of the Hollywood studios we would be ready to sell and adopt this file ownership model as soon as the studios deliver the business model. (Quote by - Carl Crabill)

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