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We love Nelson because, like real heroes, he was not perfect. He could be vain and he had his flaws - he even suffered from seasickness. But he was brave and inspired the deepest loyalty, and when it mattered he got it right. (Quote by - Admiral Sir Alan West)

The model of development we are accustomed to has been fruitful for few and flawed for many. A path to prosperity that ravages the environment and leaves a majority of humankind behind in squalor will soon prove to be a dead-end road for everyone. (Quote by - Kofi Annan)

Responsibility for remedying electoral flaws still resides with Haitian authorities. (Quote by - Philip Reeker)

It is an unparalleled crisis. The system is flawed and not serving the needs of the black male as it should. We are at a crossroads. We have to choose a path. One leads to more incarceration of black males and one leads to meaningful education and opportunity for them. (Quote by - Charles Ogletree)

The absence of flaw in beauty is itself a flaw. (Quote by - Havelock Ellis)

We had experts review this permit, engineers, and they found that it had many, many technical and legal flaws. (Quote by - Diane Hemmingway)

We think that there were some flaws in the process before, and this is an effort to improve it. Why continue on a path that we feel isn't going to give us the best result?. (Quote by - Ron Rienas)

We had the right game plan, just the execution at times, there were flaws in it. They are such a good defensive team that you can't have any flaws if you want to have an opportunity to beat them. Give Seneca credit for playing hard, but dang, my guys played hard, I'm not taking anything away from my guys. (Jensen and Brown) did everything I asked them to do tonight; they represented Plano High School very well. (Quote by - Nate Spriggs)

I think we do need additional refinery capacity, but I think this bill is flawed. (Quote by - Jim Davis)

We learned we're not untouchable. But there are flaws on this team. (Quote by - Dave Glasgow)

It's not that there was a flaw in my running. It's that they found I was leaning a certain way, and I didn't have the muscle buildup necessary to support that style of running. That was how the groin was hurt. It was carrying too much of the stress. (Quote by - Chris Duffy)

If there are any flaws with the elections, I think the aggrieved parties should take their complaints to the electoral court and this will be brought to our attention. (Quote by - Gibson Mashingaidze)

I thought he was a player that didn't have any flaws. But what was most impressive was that in addition to his talent was the way he competed. He worked his tail off every shift. He always wanted the puck. He was either putting himself in position to get the puck or he was going to get it himself. (Quote by - George McPhee)

No question. But it's a bunch of malarkey, the whole thing. It's a flawed system. (Quote by - Willis Wilson)

Every team is flawed. There hasn't been a truly complete team in a while. (Quote by - Jim Calhoun)

The trial that Alex King received was fundamentally flawed, fundamentally unfair, and Alex King should receive a new trial with a new jury, .. They can prosecute under whatever theory they wish. We are prepared to defend Alex. (Quote by - James Stokes)

We believe the court should dismiss this lawsuit, which has no basis in fact and presents another flawed attempt to use the legal system for remove a legitimate reference to the religious heritage of our country. (Quote by - Jay Sekulow)

The plan now is full of technical and other management flaws, .. There's a basic bottom line: We are incredibly vulnerable, and our leaders are patting us on the head saying, `There, there. Trust us.'. (Quote by - Richard Brodsky)

What the NOAA letter does is confirm that the Navy analysis is fundamentally flawed. (Quote by - Michael Jasny)

I'm glad there were no fatal technical flaws, and that they were able to find the money after all. But this is not a good way to do business. (Quote by - Mark Sykes)

The pact has the flaw that the accused are their own judges, so they really like the defendants. The ECB is here meting out the task of dispensing justice to the private ratings agencies. (Quote by - Thomas Mayer)

The beautiful programme of Watson. its fatal flaw is that it's good for the lab and in the lab; but you put it on and take it off like a lab coat. It does not generate an image of man, a philosophy of life, a conception of human nature. It's not a gu. (Quote by - Abraham Maslow)

If Spitzer's lawsuit is successful, it could be an important milestone because companies would logically become more open about flaws and complaints, .. If you have to pay a price for inferior products, you'll be more careful about quality. It could be positive for patients. (Quote by - Robert Hauser)

Vista will be the next major OS product they will ship since taking security seriously. Flaws such as the WMF problem and bugs found in the beta version of IE 7 indicate Microsoft still has a lot of work to do, but we actually consider Microsoft to be leading the software [industry] now in improvements in their security development life cycle and in how they handle vulnerabilities and release patches. (Quote by - John Pescatore)

The survey underscores the fundamental flaws of the new Medicare legislation. Those flaws are producing bewilderment and confusion among seniors and will result in a far more costly program for America's seniors and taxpayers. (Quote by - Ron Pollack)

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