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It gives a nod toward checks and balances without fixing the most fundamental flaws in the Patriot Act. (Quote by - Lisa Graves)

This 'master plan' was flawed -- it could not forecast which areas would be annexed and received municipal sewer and water. (Quote by - Carl Roehl)

My mom raised me so wonderfully. She gave me self esteem and made me appreciate my flaws, as well as my strengths. (Quote by - Kirsten Dunst)

I suspect the biggest hot-button issue is going to be recognition that there are enough flaws in the original plan that something needs to be done. If it's not going to work, then something different needs to happen. (Quote by - Kevin Henderson)

The flaw can be exploited if the user opens a wrong file or goes to a wrong Web site. Then the attacker can execute code as the user, who is viewing the file or Web site. (Quote by - Marc Maiffret)

Many studies, especially some of the older ones, have significant methodological flaws, which render the conclusions questionable. (Quote by - Richard Sloan)

This flaw is not as critical as some because it can only be exploited on the local network and even if it is compromised, the error would only be able to crash the server, not expose the data or put information at risk. Basically, someone on the local network could crash the machine running the software. It doesn't allow for any kind of actual access to the machine or to the data. (Quote by - Steve Manzuik)

It's not like any other flaw in IE?it's definitely different. (Quote by - Tom Ferris)

It may turn out to be something equally appealing. I don't think their concept is flawed. (Quote by - Mark Williams)

The players in the case were hoping that the litigation could contribute to correcting the flaws in the process. This result goes even further towards doing that. That's why everyone is happy with the result and it's a positive result for the exchange. (Quote by - Jay Eisenhofer)

The flaw which is hidden is deemed greater than it is. (Quote by - Marcus Aurelius)

We are not perfect. None of us is. I apologize for that flaw. I thank the governor for giving me a job with a driver. (Quote by - Zulima Farber)

The number of applications with actual flaws [is] very small. (Quote by - Doug Bowman)

When you're 0-9, you've got a lot of flaws. (Quote by - Anthony Allen)

I've figured there'd be some flaws in it. It's just rare to meet someone you served with and stood side-by-side and took pictures. I've come to find out it's real hard to pursue. (Quote by - Billy Henning)

When you don't shoot well, it magnifies any defensive flaw. (Quote by - Ken Bublitz)

Every time you go out on the ice, there are slight flaws. You can always think of something you should have done better. These are the things you must work on. (Quote by - Dorothy Hamill)

The weakness of ourselves and of our reason makes us see flaws in beauties by making us consider everything piece by piece. (Quote by - Johann G. Hamann)

Today, to find somebody who's good -- who has the qualifications and doesn't have any of the personality flaws -- those people are hard to find. (Quote by - Joel Buffington)

Any voter with a healthy understanding of the flaws of human nature and who notices the vast amounts of money solicited and received by politicians cannot help but believe that we are unduly influenced by our benefactors' generosity,. (Quote by - John McCain)

Write in the sand the flaws of your friend. (Quote by - Pythagoras)

Who among us does not have flaws? Who does not bear scars? Each of our journeys unique. Our adversities leave upon us lasting marks. They show us all that we have overcome. Life; a constant struggle, and by choosing not to give in, we rise above. (Quote by - Jill Pendley)

We see real flaws in the method. We're not dealing with a system that has a lot of precedent and has a lot of transparency. (Quote by - Paul LaViolette)

I have full cause of weeping, but this heart shall break into a hundred thousand flaws or ere I'll weep. (Quote by - William Shakespeare)

Presidents by six years have been there long enough for the media and the country to see their flaws. (Quote by - Robert Dallek)

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