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The empire waist hides a multitude of flaws, isn't that great news!. (Quote by - Avril Graham)

DNA has shown, whether it's the death penalty or not, there are flaws with eyewitness testimony, false confessions and crime labs. We know many more people have been wrongfully convicted than anyone thought. (Quote by - Barry Scheck)

It has obviously taken longer for Microsoft to release a patch for the WMF flaw on the Vista platform than current versions of Windows, but that's because Vista isn't yet released and it was a higher priority to protect the shipping versions of Windows. (Quote by - Graham Cluley)

There are cases where the execution could be admittedly flawed. But, for a company as large as Ford, this is not to say that they won't eventually succeed. (Quote by - David Garrity)

It's likely that they're dealing with two very similar attacks and two distinct code flaws. That wouldn't be all that surprising, because code that has one major bug will often suffer from some similar defects elsewhere. (Quote by - Matthew Murphy)

Katrina pointed out serious flaws in our emergency preparedness and response. And what is frustrating to us is that [these are] many of the same problems we saw in 9/11 and the response to that disaster. (Quote by - Thomas Kean)

There is a consensus that the caps, targets and timetables approach is flawed. If we spend the next five years arguing about that, we'll be fiddling and negotiating while Rome burns,. (Quote by - Ian Campbell)

In my view, this is a document flawed significantly. (Quote by - Ed Houghton)

Audubon biographers and scholars [have noted], by various euphemisms, that all great men have their flaws, and their man's principal flaw was that he, well, he lied a lot. (Quote by - Bill Gilbert)

Virtually everyone has a negative opinion of a sleep sofa and points to flaws in its design. The company figured out 10 major complaints about sofa beds and addressed them. (Quote by - Pete Bils)

They established best practices for double-checking software for potential security flaws. (Quote by - Ted Schadler)

We had the right game plan, but our execution had flaws in it at times. (Seneca) is such a good defensive team that you can't have any flaws. (Quote by - Nate Spriggs)

I do not believe we can blame genetics for adultery, homosexuality, dishonesty and other character flaws. (Quote by - Jerry Falwell)

It was an instant click. I didn't feel any flaws or anything. We just kind of played our game and complemented each other real well. (Quote by - Wayne Ellington)

I look at Liv Tyler and think "It's not fair," because I can't find a flaw on her. And on top of that she seems nice, so it's really not fair. (Quote by - Tori Spelling)

Even the best of states have serious flaws. The best solution is you take someone who has been identified as a sociopath (and) you lock him up forever because, by definition, they are predators. They will do it again. (Quote by - Marc Klaas)

The flaw is remotely exploitable. (Quote by - Mike Puterbaugh)

While it is relatively straightforward to point out flaws in a tax system and to express a desire for change, it is much more challenging to settle on a specific solution. There are difficult trade-offs,. (Quote by - John Snow)

We expect to prove that the studies on which the Clinton administration based its ban were flawed and highly prejudiced. What's more, in the previous decision-making process, the public was prevented from participating as fully as the law allows. The agreement helps ensure that that won't happen this time around. (Quote by - Ed Klim)

Buffer overflow is one of the most common flaws that produce security vulnerabilities in software. It's not a good thing, but it isn't unique either to closed- or open-source software. (Quote by - Michael Goulde)

We weren't able to overcome the two major flaws in the offense -- the two interceptions that made the difference in the game. (Quote by - Howard Schnellenberger)

For over 30 years the Endangered Species Act has suffered from many fundamental flaws, the most notable being a blatant disregard for property rights,. (Quote by - Chris Cannon)

It doesn't matter how good the card is if the issuance process is flawed. (Quote by - Bruce Schneier)

We knew that we had to get out and run tonight. But I don't know of any flaws that we had in our offensive game. Everyone got hot tonight. (Quote by - Michael Redd)

There is a spike in front. You pick up any flaws in manufacturing in the first 90 days; it flattens out [soon thereafter], then rises, especially with a mobile product. (Quote by - Jim Kahler)

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