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The documentation appears to be fundamentally flawed in its conception, and in its level of explanation and detail. (Quote by - Professor Neil Barrett)

It has nothing to do with flawed policy. (Quote by - Steve Norton)

I knew he was tired but I asked him to go the extra mile. I didn't notice any flaws in his mechanics and the extra time in between innings did not hurt us. (Quote by - Vernon Isabella)

Certain flaws are necessary for the whole. It would seem strange if old friends lacked certain quirks. (Quote by - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

There are several major flaws in the proposal being introduced today. The notion of using gambling proceeds to help with college tuition reminds us of the promises made by the Ohio Lottery. Gambling didn't save public schools. It won't create great opportunities for colleges, either. (Quote by - David Zanotti)

England and France are blocking it but they follow the flawed soccer model. (Quote by - David Moffett)

Another flaw in the human character is that everybody wants to build and nobody wants to do maintenance. (Quote by - Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.)

As perfect and as great as our system is, there are still flaws. And this is why it's important that people stand up and find adequate means to compensate those who have been locked up wrongfully. (Quote by - Darryl Rouson)

The government's current approach is a U-turn on previous policy and its application is riddled with flaws. (Quote by - Andrew Lansley)

You see someone on the street, and essentially what you notice about them is the flaw. (Quote by - Diane Arbus)

The assumption that everybody wants a bundle is flawed. (Quote by - Maribel Lopez)

The flaw is part of the plight of any large, incumbent vendor. Due to the company's sheer size, these vulnerabilities crop up more often than with vendors that have much smaller installed bases. (Quote by - Robert Whiteley)

It's still early. Usually you get a chance to work your flaws out over the course of the season. My opportunity was seven games. Now I've got to go back to the drawing board and try to get back up here. (Quote by - Brandon Watson)

They need to be reviewing existing code, training programmers to be more precise, and reviewing the code for security flaws. They need to be doing better testing of code that's been documented in the literature. (Quote by - Sun Microsystems)

Calling on an arbitrator to simply pick one side or another is also seriously flawed. Clearly both sides have rejected the latest offers, so forcing an all or nothing decision is merely a game of brinkmanship that won't address the real issues of the dispute - quality. Again, students will be the biggest losers. (Quote by - Jesse Greener)

The key thing is really that we want to make people understand the risk with these flaws and that they enable automatic updates. (Quote by - Stephen Toulouse)

I believe the process to reach these conclusions was flawed. I believe the process failed to fairly consider and weigh all of the relevant information provided or which could have been provided. (Quote by - Rene Portland)

We found across the board amazing flaws and failures in the way the investigations were conducted in case after case. (Quote by - Deborah Pearlstein)

Microsoft obviously takes way too long to fix flaws, .. All researchers should follow responsible disclosure guidelines, but if a vendor like Microsoft takes six months to a year to fix a flaw, a researcher has every right to release the details. (Quote by - Tom Ferris)

It's so flawed that we think the attorney general should just withdraw it. You cannot fix it by tinkering with it. (Quote by - Danny Chun)

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