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When I met his dad (Chuck), we talked about Toby, but that didn't have any bearing on me hiring him. (Quote by - Bobby Wallace)

We'll have to hire outside contractors to do the bulk of the cleanup, We have quotes from four companies - one local and three from out of state. (Quote by - Bill Clark)

That'd be a good hire for them. Coach Martz is a smart guy. (Quote by - Bryce Fisher)

In a phone interview, I told them I loved to wakeboard, and I think that's why they hired me. They paid me to wakeboard. (Quote by - Ben Hudson)

Wayne liked Dennis very much, so I don't know what could have occurred to keep [his hiring] from happening. It's a sad thing. (Quote by - Bill Walsh)

As a small business, I have to compete with the larger businesses, so in reality I hire very few people for minimum wage anyway. (Quote by - Chef Lou Aaron)

And we hire folks to do fish research and stream restoration work in the summer. (Quote by - Chris Hunter)

The first step is trying to hire the right kind of people and then training them. They need to have a great attitude and like to serve people. (Quote by - Carl Gronlund)

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