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Idleness Quotes
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Worldings revelling in the fields Of strenuous idleness. (Quote by - William Wordsworth,)

The condition of perfection is idleness: the aim of perfection is youth. (Quote by - Oscar Wilde)

What heart can think, or tongue express, The harm that groweth of idleness? (Quote by - John Heywood)

Far from idleness being the root of all evil, it is rather the only true good. (Quote by - Soren Kierkegaard)

It is in our idleness, in our dreams, that the submerged truth sometimes comes to the top. (Quote by - Virginia Woolf)

We cannot afford idleness, waste or inefficiency. (Quote by - Eamon de Valera)

Idleness is an inlet to disorder, and makes way for licentiousness. People who have nothing to do are quickly tired of their own company. (Quote by - Jeremy Collier)

Idleness is more an infirmity of the mind than of the body. (Quote by - Francois Duc de la Rochefoucauld)

Life is not long, and too much of it must not pass in idle deliberation how it shall be spent. (Quote by - Dr Samuel Johnson)

A nation rushing hastily too and fro, busily employed in idleness. (Quote by - Phaedrus)

Thus idly busy rolls their world away. (Quote by - Oliver Goldsmith)

In idleness there is a perpetual despair. (Quote by - Thomas Carlyle)

I live an idle burden to the ground. (Quote by - Homer)

Toil is no source of shame; idleness is shame. (Quote by - Hesiod)

Nine-tenths of the miseries and vices of mankind proceed from idleness. (Quote by - Thomas Carlyle)

Idleness is the Dead Sea that swallows all virtues (Quote by - Benjamin Franklin)

It is idleness that creates impossibilities; and where people don't care to do anything, they shelter themselves under a permission that it cannot be done. (Quote by - Bishop Robert South)

The idle man does not know what it is to enjoy rest, for he has not earned it. (Quote by - John Lubbock)

Shun idleness is the rust that attaches itself to the most brilliant metals. (Quote by - Voltaire)

A man is not idle because he is absorbed in thought. There is a visible labor and there is an invisible labor. (Quote by - Victor Hugo)

Perhaps man is the only being that can properly be called idle. (Quote by - Barrie Sir James)

The hardest work of all is to do nothing. (Quote by - Proverb)

An idler is a watch that wants both hands; As useless if it goes as when it stands. (Quote by - William Cowper)

He does not seem to me to be a free man who does not sometimes do nothing. (Quote by - Marcus Tullius Cicero)

He is not only idle who does nothing, but he is idle who might be better employed. (Quote by - Socrates)

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