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Immortality Quotes
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There is no death! the stars go down to rise upon some fairer shore. (Quote by - John L. McCreery)

A healthy nature needs no God or immortality (Quote by - Friedrich von Schiller)

Tis true; 'tis certain; man though dead retains Part of himself; the immortal mind remains. (Quote by - Homer)

What does immortality mean to me? That we all want more time; and we want it to be quality time. (Quote by - Joan D. Vinge)

The only thing wrong with immortality is that it tends to go on forever. (Quote by - Herb Caen)

Immortality is to live your life doing good things, and leaving your mark behind. (Quote by - Brandon Lee)

The only greatness for man is immortality. (Quote by - James Dean)

Our current obsession with creativity is the result of our continued striving for immortality in an era when most people no longer believe in an after-life. (Quote by - Arianna Huffington)

I have been dying for twenty years, now I am going to live. (Quote by - James Drummond Burns)

For them that think death's honesty won't fall upon them naturally life sometimes must get lonely. (Quote by - Bob Dylan)

Love wishes to perpetuate itself. Love wishes for immortality. (Quote by - Mortimer Adler)

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