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He played better and overall he looked a lot better than he did against Forest Grove. He was impatient and looked nervous (against Forest Grove) but in this match he had better footwork and was relaxed. (Quote by - Tom Lonergan)

By our pontifical assertions, our superior impatience, and our casual brushing aside of their curiosity, we do not encourage their inquiry, for we are rather apprehensive of what may be asked of us; we do not foster their discontent, for we have ceas (Quote by - Jiddu Krishnamurti)

No man is poor who does not think himself so. But if in a full fortune with impatience he desires more, he proclaims his wants and his beggarly condition. (Quote by - Jeremy Taylor)

No one is poor who does not think they are, however, if in prosperity with impatience they desire more, and proclaim their wants they disclose their beggarly condition. (Quote by - Jeremy Taylor)

Your Majesty may think me an impatient sick man, and that the Turks are even sicker. (Quote by - Voltaire)

It's more impatience than anything else. The shots we're taking aren't bad shots, but they're not comfortable shots. The girls panic when the play breaks down, and then we begin to worry or point fingers at each other which takes us out of our comfort level. Then we start missing baskets we'd normally make, and it snowballs. (Quote by - Jason Hoseney)

I think teenage impatience is just plain human nature! I think every generation has to cope with different circumstances, different problems. But it's the world that's changed. Human nature hasn't. (Quote by - Loretta Young)

Impatience is the cause of most of our irregularities and extravagances Command by obeying. (Quote by - Motto)

I had been waiting impatiently for this match. (Quote by - Roger Federer)

It seems to me probably that any one who has a series of intolerable positions to put up with must have been responsible for them to some extent... they have contributed to it by impatience or intolerance, or brusqueness-or some provocation. (Quote by - Robert Hugh Benson)

If a man, for private profit, tears at the public news, does so with the impatience of one who thinks he actually owns the news you get, it is against the national interest. (Quote by - Jimmy Breslin)

I'm impatient. I'm frustrated with everything that's gone on because it hasn't gone as fast as I wanted it to. (Quote by - Paul Wilson)

Nature thrives on patience; man on impatience. (Quote by - Paul Boese)

I think in the years following Enron, investors were feeling bruised, and there was a lot of impatience. But there have been a lot of corporate governance reforms at a lot of companies so the edge has gone off in a lot of ways. (Quote by - Beth Young)

My impatience, I want my impatience to carry over with the team. (Quote by - Mike Reagan)

If public opinion still endorses military action that's one thing, but if they wait maybe it will not. So it's not only impatience, but there are several other factors. (Quote by - Hans Blix)

I understand some of the people's impatience with the show last year. I think that Lisa's (Lili Taylor) story line (marrying Nate with minimal motivation in season three) became a little bit of a diversion - and that happens. It happens in every show. (Quote by - Chris Albrecht)

Three hundred years ago a prisoner condemned to the Tower of London carved on the wall of his cell this sentiment to keep up his spirits during his long imprisonment: 'It is not adversity that kills, but the impatience with which we bear adversity. (Quote by - James Keller )

He has been impatient the whole year. He has always had the physical tools. The last couple of weeks he has been a lot more patient and everything is coming along to him at the right time. (Quote by - Nick Burgess)

You get impatient and want to see the results now. But with Audrey and our other young players, I like what I see. (Quote by - Greg Allen)

To make it a top-down solution isn't the answer. There is this incredible sense of impatience and this incredible sense of entitlement, and I am actually scared to death. Nobody is pushing back. ... The more we centralize this, the more dangerous it gets. (Quote by - Claire Rubin)

You get impatience. Then you start showing what you're going to do early because you get more aggressive. (Quote by - Kevin Bentley)

That really says investors are getting impatient with the turnaround in the technology sector. (Quote by - Chuck Carlson)

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