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Fidelity to conscience is inconsistent with retiring modesty. If it be so, let the modesty succumb. It can be only a false modesty which can be thus endangered. (Quote by - Harriet Martineau)

Modesty becomes a young man. (Quote by - Titus Maccius Plautus)

Modesty is a vastly overrated virtue. (Quote by - John Kenneth Galbraith)

Modesty: the gentle art of enhancing your charm by pretending not to be aware of it. (Quote by - Oliver Herford )

It rarely adds anything to say, "In my opinion" -- not even modesty. Naturally a sentence is only your opinion; and you are not the Pope. (Quote by - Paul Goodman)

He who speaks without modesty will find it difficult to make his words good. (Quote by - Confucius)

With people of limited ability modesty is merely honesty. But with those who possess great talent it is hypocrisy. (Quote by - Arthur Schopenhauer)

I have often wished I had time to cultivate modesty... But I am too busy thinking about myself. (Quote by - Dame Edith Sitwell)

It isn't false modesty when I say this, but although I am supposed to be a famous person it doesn't mean anything to me. I just sit at home and work. (Quote by - Gyorgy Legeti)

God gave me a great body and it's my duty to take care of my physical temple. (Quote by - Jean Claude Van Damme)

It is strange that modesty is the rule for women when what they most value in men is boldness. (Quote by - Ninon de Lenclos)

The daughter-in-law of Pythagoras said that a woman who goes to bed with a man ought to lay aside her modesty with her skirt, and put it on again with her petticoat. (Quote by - Michel De Montaigne)

The delicate balance between modesty and conceit is popularity. (Quote by - Max Beerbohm)

There are no better cosmetics than a severe temperance and purity, modesty and humility, a gracious temper and calmness of spirit; and there is no true beauty without the signatures of these graces in the very countenance. (Quote by - Arthur Helps)

With people of only moderate ability modesty is mere honesty; but with those who possess great talent it is hypocrisy. (Quote by - Arthur Schopenhauer)

Nothing can atone for the lack of modesty; without which beauty is ungraceful and wit detestable. (Quote by - Richard Steele)

Modesty is not only an ornament, but also a guard to virtue. (Quote by - Joseph Addison)

Modesty used to be considered a natural female attribute. No more. (Quote by - Linda Chavez)

As in all his subsequent dealings with France, Ho Chi Minh's demands were a model of modesty. (Quote by - Wilfred Burchett)

Modesty is the only sure bait when you angle for praise. (Quote by - Lord Chesterfield)

If modesty disappeared, so would exhibitionism. (Quote by - Mason Cooley)

To test a modest man's modesty do not investigate if he ignores applause, find out if he abides criticism. (Quote by - Franz Grillparzer)

Conceit spoils the finest genius. There is not much danger that real talent or goodness will be overlooked long; even if it is, the consciousness of possessing and using it well should satisfy one, and the great charm of all power is modesty. (Quote by - Louisa May Alcott)

I think that for the highest achievements nowadays... need to have the stable as a rock scientific base. And also need to own modesty. (Quote by - Alexander Alekhine)

Loquacity storms the ear, but modesty takes the heart. (Quote by - Robert South)

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