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I have never killed a man, but I have read many obituaries with great pleasure. (Quote by - Clarence Darrow)

I am now quite cured of seeking pleasure in society, be it country or town. A sensible man ought to find sufficient company in himself. (Quote by - Emily Bronte)

The goal towards which the pleasure principle impels us - of becoming happy - is not attainable: yet we may not - nay, cannot - give up the efforts to come nearer to realization of it by some means or other. (Quote by - Sigmund Freud)

The pleasure we derive from the representation of the present is due, not only to the beauty it can be clothed in, but also to its essential quality of being the present. (Quote by - Charles Baudelaire)

To kill a relative of whom you are tired is something. But to inherit his property afterwards, that is genuine pleasure. (Quote by - Honore de Balzac)

Only he is successful in his business who makes that pursuit which affords him the highest pleasure sustain him. (Quote by - Henry David Thoreau)

Let the fictitious sources of pleasure be as near as possible to the true. (Quote by - Quintus Horatius Flaccus)

There are minds so impatient of inferiority that their gratitude is a species of revenge, and they return benefits, not because recompense is a pleasure, but because obligation is a pain. (Quote by - Samuel Johnson)

I take it as a prime cause of the present confusion of society that it is too sickly and too doubtful to use pleasure frankly as a test of value. (Quote by - Rebecca West)

If one wants another only for some self-satisfaction, usually in the form of sensual pleasure, that wrong desire takes the form of lust rather than love. (Quote by - Mortimer Adler)

Do not bite at the bait of pleasure, till you know there is no hook beneath it. (Quote by - Thomas Jefferson)

If it doesn't work out there will never be any doubt that the pleasure was worth all the pain. (Quote by - Jimmy Buffett)

Pleasure becomes a value, a teleological end in itself. It's probably more Western than U.S. per se. (Quote by - David Foster Wallace)

Perhaps all pleasure is only relief. (Quote by - William Borroughs)

One does not get better but different and older and that is always a pleasure. (Quote by - Gertrude Stein)

Throw moderation to the winds, and the greatest pleasures bring the greatest pains (Quote by - Democritus)

There is no sterner moralist than pleasure. (Quote by - Lord Byron)

Next to enjoying ourselves, the next greatest pleasure consists in preventing others from enjoying themselves, or, more generally, in the acquisition of power. (Quote by - Bertrand Russell)

I fly from pleasure, because pleasure has ceased to please: I am lonely because I am miserable. (Quote by - Samuel Johnson)

That pleasure which is at once the most pure, the most elevating and the most intense, is derived, I maintain, from the contemplation of the beautiful. (Quote by - Edgar Allan Poe)

Pleasure's a sin, and sometimes sin's a pleasure. (Quote by - Lord Byron)

A fool bolts pleasure, then complains of moral indigestion. (Quote by - Minna Thomas Antrim)

There is no such thing as pure pleasure; some anxiety always goes with it. (Quote by - Ovid)

The aim of the wise is not to secure pleasure, but to avoid pain. (Quote by - Aristotle)

For let me tell you, that the more the pleasures of the body fade away, the greater to me is the pleasure and charm of conversation (Quote by - Plato)

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