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Revenge Quotes
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People don't remember. Revenge is sweet. (Quote by - Tracey Emin)

Hunger, revenge, to sleep are petty foes, But only death the jealous eyes can close. (Quote by - William Wycherley)

Men are more prone to revenge injuries than to requite kindness. (Quote by - Thomas Fuller)

Revenge is a confession of pain (Quote by - Latin Proverb)

Souls made of fire and children of the sun,With whom Revenge is virtue. (Quote by - Edward Young)

This had nothing to do with Chelsea. It was stupid people with nothing to do other than sending letters. Some people are nasty and capable of stupid things when it comes to revenge. (Quote by - Ibrahima Sonko)

Meekness: Uncommon patience in planning a revenge that is worth while. (Quote by - Ambrose Bierce)

How many times have you bought something thinking it would make you happy, and found it does not? (Quote by - Gregg Easterbrook)

Revenge is the act of passion, vengeance is an act of justice. (Quote by - Samuel Johnson)

The best revenge is massive success. (Quote by - Frank Sinatra)

Hatred is the coward's revenge for being intimidated. (Quote by - George Bernard Shaw)

There is no revenge so complete as forgiveness. (Quote by - Josh Billings)

It was all about wanting to get revenge. Pathetic, really, but it still is the motivation. (Quote by - Julian Clary)

What is revenge but courage to call in our honor's debts, and wisdom to convert others' self-love into our own protection? (Quote by - Edward Young)

The best revenge in the world is success. (Quote by - Suge Knight)

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