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Temptation Quotes
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It is good to be without vices, but it is not good to be without temptations. (Quote by - Walter Bagehot)

Temptation is like a knife, that may either cut the meat or the throat of a man; it may be his food or his poison, his exercise or his destruction. (Quote by - John Owen (2))

We're all going to be victims of temptation at several points in our lives. (Quote by - Smokey Robinson)

Find out what your temptations are, and you will find out largely what you are yourself. (Quote by - Henry Ward Beecher)

Ever notice that the whisper of temptation can be heard farther than the loudest call to duty. (Quote by - Earl Wilson)

Every moment of resistance to temptation is a victory. (Quote by - Frederick Faber)

But he turned, and said unto Peter, Get thee behind me, Satan: thou art an offence unto me: for thou savourest not the things that be of God, but those that be of men. (Quote by - Bible)

Those who believe in the importance of serving others should lead the way by fighting against the temptation we all have, and maybe especially as we age, to close in upon ourselves. (Quote by - Marvin Olasky)

The Devil has a great advantage against us inasmuch as he has a strong bastion and bulwark against us in our own flesh and blood. (Quote by - Martin Luther)

Virtue, alas! not unfrequently trips and falls on the sharp-edged rock of poverty. (Quote by - Eugene Sue)

How many perils doe enfold The righteous man to make him daily fall. (Quote by - Edmund Spenser)

A beautiful woman, if poor, should use double circumspection; for her beauty will tempt others, her poverty herself. (Quote by - Charles Caleb Colton)

Some are wrong because they are not strong enough to fight temptation and some some are wrong because they do not know. (Quote by - Arsene Wenger)

Temptations, unlike opportunities, will always give you many second chances. (Quote by - Orlando A. Battista)

Temptation is the devil looking through the keyhole. Yielding is opening the door and inviting him in. (Quote by - Billy Sunday)

Temptations are a file which rub off much of the rust of self-confidence. (Quote by - Francois de Salignac Fenelon)

Better shun the bait than struggle in the snare. (Quote by - John Dryden)

Remove the temptation of idleness and cupids bow is useless. (Quote by - Ovid)

Honest bread is very well--it's the butter that makes the temptation. (Quote by - Douglas Jerrold)

Why comes temptation but for man to meet And master and make crouch beneath his foot, And so be pedestaled in triumph? (Quote by - Robert Browning Hamilton)

Those who flee temptation generally leave a forwarding address. (Quote by - Lane Olinghouse)

To beguile many and be beguil'd by one. (Quote by - William Shakespeare)

Tempt not a desperate man. (Quote by - William Shakespeare)

I have been exposed to a great amount of temptation throughout the course of my career. (Quote by - DeForest Kelley)

Yield not to temptation, for yielding is sin; Each victory will help you some other to win. (Quote by - H R Palmer)

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