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Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost. (Quote by - John Quincy Adams)

Touch screen voting is a fine thing so long as they have a voter-verified paper trail. (Quote by - Joan Blades)

As long as I count the votes what are you going to do about it? (Quote by - William Marcy Tweed)

It is a sign of the times that the absence of meaningful ID requirements in many states leaves our voting process vulnerable to fraud and allows legal votes to be cancelled out by illegally cast ballots. (Quote by - Virgil Goode)

Nobody will ever deprive the American people of the right to vote except the American people themselves and the only way they could do this is by not voting. (Quote by - Franklin D. Roosevelt)

Truth is, we offered it to Tom Hanks, which pretty much every movie in America does, but Tom passed. Billy Bob said that Hanks recently called and said he's voting for all of us for Oscars, he loved the film. (Quote by - Peter Berg)

Voting is a right best exercised by people who have taken time to learn about the issues. (Quote by - Tony Snow)

If voting changed anything, they'd abolish it. (Quote by - Andrew Lack)

The failure in Ohio to have adequate voting capacity for the people who were registered and eligible to vote was an absolute denial of their right to vote. (Quote by - Carol Moseley Braun)

The vote is the most powerful instrument ever devised by man for breaking down injustice and destroying the terrible walls which imprison men because they are different from other men. (Quote by - Lyndon B. Johnson)

No matter what name we give it or how we judge it, a candidate's character is central to political reporting because it is central to a citizen's decision in voting. (Quote by - Roger Mudd)

Sink or swim, live or die, survive or perish, I give my hand and heart to this vote. (Quote by - Daniel Webster)

We must continue to have voting rights in the state, not to politicize this, but they must have a voice in the rebuilding effort in the community from which they have been displaced. (Quote by - Marc Morial)

It was the biggest suppression of voting rights in our country's history since Jim Crow. And the thread of race runs from the beginning to the end of my book. (Quote by - Sidney Blumenthal)

Voting is the most precious right of every citizen, and we have a moral obligation to ensure the integrity of our voting process. (Quote by - Hillary Clinton)

American youth attributes much more importance to arriving at driver's license age than at voting age. (Quote by - Marshall McLuhan)

I believe that voting is the first act of building a community as well as building a country. (Quote by - John Ensign)

Oh no, the dead have risen and they're voting Republican. (Quote by - Yeardley Smith)

So that they can actually make it known to the American people before they vote what they're voting for. (Quote by - Betty Hill)

Voting is fundamental in our democracy. It has yielded enormous returns. (Quote by - Arlen Specter)

Don't forget to vote for Bill Clinton and Al Gore. Stay home if you're voting for Dole. (Quote by - Eleanor Mondale)

Don't buy a single vote more than necessary. (Quote by - Douglas Jerrold)

If there is a nuclear tactic being used here, I submit it is the use of that obstruction where a willful minority blocks a bipartisan majority from voting on the President's judicial nominees. (Quote by - John Cornyn)

We have no basis for having a recall of any particular type of voting equipment because there are no standards. And when we do have standards, even these standards are required to be voluntary. (Quote by - DeForest Soaries)

The Voting Rights Act of 1965 was indeed a vital instrument of democracy, ensuring the integrity and reliability of a democratic process that we as a Country hold so dear. (Quote by - Charles Rangel)

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