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10 Dumb Halloween Superstitions

Posted on: 10-21-2013

Here are 10 dumb Halloween superstitions.

1. Bats. People believe that if you see a bat flying around your home on Halloween then that means a ghost or a spirit might be nearby.

2. One of the most popular Halloween superstitions is black cats. If you see a black cat cross your path then a witch might be nearby. Another one is if a black cat starts to meow right on the porch or near your window on Halloween then it means death might happen soon in your family.

3. Candle snuffing is also another known superstition for Halloween. If you're having a ceremony on Halloween and using the candle and it blows out during the ceremony then that means nearby you could find evil spirits.

4. There are lots of superstitions about cemeteries on Halloween. One of those superstitions is when you pass by a house or a graveyard and someone has just died then make sure that you quickly turn your pockets inside out. If you don't then a ghost might come to your home.

5. Going to a crossroad on Halloween night is very important. The reason why is because if you go to a crossroad on Halloween night and you listen closely to the wind then you might hear of all the things that might happen to you the next twelve months.

6. On Halloween night be careful when you hear footsteps. Never look back if you hear them because the dead could be following you and if you look back then you might end up as one of them.

7. If you are one of those lucky people that sees a ghost on Halloween then make sure to walk around it 9 times because then it will quickly disappear.

8. Children born on Halloween might have a very special gift and people believe they have power towards warding off evil spirits.

9. If you are not born on Halloween and want to ward off those evil spirits then burn a candle inside a jack-o-lantern. This helps with making sure that the demons and evil spirits won't come near you.

10. When you spot a spider on Halloween then the spirit of a loved one that has died is watching over you that night.