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10 Dumb Lawsuits

Posted on: 01-06-2014

1. Wendy's Finger Chili Case

2. Woman Suing McDonalds Over Rat Found In Salad

3. Woman Suing Over 'Severe and Permanent Injuries' Still Able to Do Half-Marathon

4. Woman Can't Find Job and Sues College

5. Police Force man to Rap for Freedom, Man Sues

6. Sriracha Factory Shut Down Over 'Offensive' Odors and Sued

7. 'Human' Sues Over 'COPSLIE' License Plate Denial

8. Three US courts asked to recognise chimpanzees as "legal persons"

9. Sea Lion Stench Produces Lawsuit in California

10. Man Wins $7 Million in Popcorn Lung Lawsuit