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10 funny dumb commercials

Posted on: 11-06-2012

Here are the top 10 funny dumb commercials. These are so dumb that you might actually just laugh.

10. GameFly Commercial "Bad Game" 03232009 HQ Version

Bad Game? Surely you meant bad commercial.

9. Little Caesars: Horse, No Rules. Creative News

8. Wrigley's Extra Chewing Gum - Bad Boys TV Commercial 2012

7. Velveeta: Eat Like That Guy You Know

6. Little Caesars "Fishing"

Little Ceasers surely you can do better than this...

5. English Teacher Target

Katy Perry Wanna be?

4. Smart Beep - That was stupid

3. Dumb Blonde - Mercedes Commercial

2. Levi's - OPioneers! (Go Forth) Commercial

1. TEMPTATIONS TV Commercial: Boots

This commercial is one of those classic funny stupid commercials that actually makes you laugh.