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10 Odd Health Supplements

Posted on: 10-01-2013

1. White Willow Bark

The white willow bark is a natural anti inflammatory herb.

2. Garcinia Cambogia Extract

The Garcinia Cambogia Extract helps with losing weight.

3. African Mango Extreme Detox

The African Mango Extreme Detox also helps with losing weight and at the same time does a deep clean of things that could be harming your body.

4. Goji Berries Herbs

It is believed that Goji Berries help with preserving youth and can help to pormote your general well being of life.

5. Astra Essence

This herb is known to help with increasing your energy and can prevent colds.

6. Krill Oil

Krill Oil is good for your health, joint health and it can improve your brain health.

7. Red Marine Algae

The Red Marine Algae helps with building up your immune system.

8. Magnolia Bark Extract

If you have upper respiratory health problems then the Magnolia Bark Extract might be able to help improve it.

9. Boswellia Standardized Caps

These are Vegetarian Capsules that help with your overall health.

10. The Devil's Claw

The Devil's Claw has many benefits but one benefit is that it can help with joint pain.