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10 Odd Thanksgiving Facts

Posted on: 11-26-2013

1. The very first Thanksgiving that happened they only had spoons and knives they could eat with and that's how it was done. The pilgrims did not introduce the fork until 1620 so before the fork they had to eat turkey with just using a spoon.

2. The USA is not the only one that celebrates Thanksgiving.

3. One tradition that was started by President Truman back in 1947 was to pardon at least one turkey every year.

4. Benjamin Franklin tried to get the Turkey to be the USA's national bird.

5. Bounce a cranberry to make sure that it's ripe before you eat it.

6. Thanksgiving was not always on the 4th of every Thursday in November.

7. Thanksgiving helped with bringing about the creation of the famous TV Dinners.

8. The very first Thanksgiving feat had 90 Wampanoag Indians and 50 Pilgrims. It took a lot of food to feed them.

9. In space the first meal was a nice Turkey dinner.

10. In 2007 a study was done that showed Americans eat 690 million pounds of turkey on Thanksgiving which is he weight of just Singapore alone.