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10 Stupid Ways to Get Fired

Posted on: 03-31-2015

Almost all of us experience being fired in one form or the other. This is how life is. However, there are also those who get fired in hilariously stupid ways. This post is going to explore 10 dumb ways in which people get fired from their jobs.

10. Blogging - It is a fact that a large number of people in the world have their own blogs. One such story is centered on the life of a flight attendant who had a blog. She was fired not because she had written something negative about airlines but rather because she had posted a revealing picture of hers.

9. The Coach - When you are a coach, people expect that you will help your team win. When a Texas high school girls basketball coach helped his team win 100-0 he was fired because this victory was too perfect. The school said it did not reflect a Christlike and honorable approach to competition.

8. The Mother - Melissa was a married mother who was earning a good income at a dental clinic. The wife of the dentist who was leading the clinic asked her husband to fire her all because she was too good looking for the job.

7. The Brave Waiter - There was a waiter who worked in a Thai restaurant who was fired all because he had stopped a carjacking. The employer had fired the guy because of the publicity his heroic actions had generated. This was simply too much for the owner who said, "I need good waiters not heroes".

6. The FB Posting - Posting against your employer on Facebook can be really costly. Dan Leone, a Philadelphia Eagles stadium operations, thought it was safe to engage in some criticism of his employer on the biggest social network of the world. He was fired.

5. Happy Hour - A law firm in Florida was under the practice of wearing orange color on payday. The employees were quite used to this. However, in 2012, the firm decided to fire 14 people all because they had worn orange. The authorities were of the view that this practice was simply an insult against the company. In other words, the officials considered it to be a form of protest against the firm.

4. Seinfeld Joke - This show was famous for a number of reasons. An unrelated yet hilarious reason is that a guy was fired from his job all because he kept repeating the joke over and over again. It was determined that the joke was directed at a female co-worker who complained that it was sexual harassment. As a result, the employee was axed.

3. All CAPS - In the modern era, typing on the internet is a practice which a large number of people do. However, it is also a fact that there was a woman who was fired for typing all her emails and letters in caps. The firing process was marked for the presentation of an email written in the same manner.

2. Gangnam Style - This style has indeed ruined many lives including a group of lifeguards who were fired as they had released a video titled The Lifeguard Style. The main reason for their termination was that they were wearing their professional clothes and had recorded the video at the swimming pool where they worked.

1. The Minor Crime - There was a 68 year old man who was fired from his jobs at a bank because of a minor crime he had committed 50 years ago. The crime was that he had used a cardboard dime in order to use a washing machine. He was fired because of the company rule not to hire individual convicted of dishonesty or any form of money laundering. It is evident that the bank totally misunderstood the meaning of money laundering.